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Scarboro Heights Record
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Information Processing

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Students of the Scarboro Heights Record Information Processing program should first read the following pages:

Getting Started
Scarboro Heights Record Volume 9 #3

1 Reviews and Comments: A focal point for getting started Neigh the Front -- Exploring Scarboro Heights
2 Literacy: Ability to read and write is crucial Attitude to Learning
3 A Methodology for Teaching Information Processing Using local history as a catalyst
4 Inputs and Resources -- Context and Evidence On-Line supplement to Neigh the Front -- A Scarborough Bibliography
5 Information Processing Techniques On-Line supplement to Neigh the Front
6 Outputting "Better" Information -- Some Rules of Writing On-Line supplement to Neigh the Front
7 Oral History Interview Strategy With links to Interview Projects
8 Come back to this page Review the administrative and organizational structure of this web site in the table immediately below
9 Table of Contents Pick 3 alternate topics that interest you
10 Come back to this page Review the general subject areas in this web site in the table immediately below and read some of the related articles (refer to the Subject Index and to the page, Latest Issue)
11 Pick your final topic OR participate in the official 2005-6 student project "Your Community in a World History Context" And then develop your research, analysis and writing strategy.
Good luck!


Here is a list of only some of the key pages in this web site. Note that each page has an address of the form:

Page Address

Subject of Page


/real.htm Site Sponsor, BeaMcCowan
/patrons.htm Patrons and Benefactors
/scarboro.htm Scarboro Heights Record
/james.htm James McCowan Memorial Social History Society
/learning_units.htm Learning Units (For Community Studies)
/milk.htm The Milk Challenge: furthering community studies in Schools
/feeding.htm Student Project -- Feeding the Family in a Local Economy
/lesson.htm Lesson Plan in support of the Student Essay Contest -- impact of the agricultural revolution on the development of rural communities in Canada.  
/exercise.htm Exercises for the above Lesson Plan
/publicat.htm McCowan Society Publications (social and economic history)

Organizational / Index

/tableof.htm Table of Contents of this Web Site
/search.htm Site Search Tool
/subject.htm Site Subject Index and Educational Resource (this particular page) (Does not include the most recent volumes)
/latest.htm Recent Issues  of Scarboro Heights Record (Volumes 9 and up)
/historic.htm List of Historic Sites (A view across "space")
/notable.htm Chronological List of Noteworthy Events (A view across "time")
/glossary.htm Definitions of old Scottish and Upper Canadian terms -- to assist in understanding the evidence

Instructional -- Information Processing

/potentia.htm Potential Inputs: Partial bibliography and Resources (see also the child links)
/informat.htm Information Processing: Analysis and Interpretation
/output.htm Outputting "Better" Information: Some Rules of Writing
/oral.htm Conducting Oral History Interviews

General Subject Areas
(Most of these Subject pages include a finding aid in addition to child-links)

/communit.htm Community
/culture.htm Culture: Recreation, Arts, Worship, Family
/economic.htm Economics: Transportation, Work, Depression, Housing, Food Supply, Agriculture
/schools.htm Education and Schools
/floraand.htm Flora and Fauna: Environment, Natural Features, Scarborough Bluffs
/immigrat1.htm Immigration
/services.htm Public Service: Social Institutions, Public Health, Politics, Volunteerism, War
/people.htm Biographical
/lowland.htm The Lowland Clearances: The Agricultural Revolution in Scotland
/james4.htm A Useful Bibliography  (see also other pages which are at the same level)


Here is a list of some of the short articles that have appeared in The Scarboro Heights Record, (volumes 1 to 8 only).  ("Coming Events" from past issues have been omitted.)  I am also including a few extracts from Publications of the James McCowan Memorial Social History Society and related works. Abbreviations in the Mc Soc column are explained as follows. 


CS Curling: A Scottish Sport in Scarborough
FAA Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album
FF Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities and Work and Play
JM James McCowan Family from 1833 (Margaret Carr)
SA St. Andrew's 150 Years Ago
TS To Sustene the Personis: The Agricultural Revolution
WG When the Ground Fails: An Economic Watershed

As a service to those who kindly purchase one of the McCowan Society publications (other than Curling), the Society will reveal 5 sources for passages of interest that appear on this web site.

I hope that some of these articles are useful for community and social studies classes in our schools. Please stand by as I add more articles from my back-issues. Happy reading!

See also: Recent Issues

Subject Index
Volumes 1-8 of SHR Only

Subject Mc Soc SHR
Accident, Killed by Falling Tree WG V5 #1
Agency Disclosure V1  #3
Agincourt Community Services V2  #6
Agricultural Revolution TS
Agricultural Society FF V7 #1
Arts Directory Available V2  #3
Authors / Writing V2  #3
Annis, Jeremiah V1  #4
Apple Varieties V8  #1
Ashbridge, Hannah V3  #2
Barn, work in JM V3  #2
Bees, Study of V6  #1
Bicycle, Invention of TS
B'Nai Brith V2  #3
Bribbery, Attempted V7 #1
Bullying FAA
Burns, Robert TS
Butt and Ben (Scottish House) WG ----
Centennial Year V6  #1
Cliffcrest Community Centre V2  #2
Cliffcrest United Church V2  #3
Canadian Identity FF
Canadian National Exhibition FF
Cholera SA
Cistern V6  #1
Coal TS
Coal Delivery V4  #2
Communication, Telephone V4  #3
Community, Evolving Nature of FF
Community Togetherness and Sport FF
Culloden, Battle of WG
Culture Defined FF
Cultural Strategy V2  #3
Curling, Canada Life Bonspiel FAA
Curling, The Four Brothers Club CS
Depression, The Great V6  #1
Discipline at Home FAA
Disease V4  #1
Drive-In Restaurant, Johnny Johnsons V8  #1
Dual Agency V3  #2
Dumb Waiter V6  #1
Economics and the Environment WG
Education, Farming Skills Development V1 #2
Enlightenment and Cultural Progress WG
Entrepreneurism WG
Environmental Revolution V2  #2, #3
Fair, What is a V2  #4
Family, International Year of the V2  #4
Field, Food and Family Oral History Project V5  #1
Flail WG
Food Security V2  Supp 1
Food Supply V3  #2
Friends of Scarborough V2  #3
Garden Work Checklist, Fall V1  #3
Gas Lighting, Invention of TS
Guyana: Its Culture, Its People V2  #5
Halbert Public School
Harrows V8  #1
Hay FF
Hay, Drawing Load on McCowan Road
Health in the 20s V6  #1
Highland Creek Village Mural V2  #2
History: Did You Know? V1  #1
Homeless V6  #1
Homes: Fall Tuneup V1  #4
Home Insurance V3  #1
Housing WG
Immigration, Oral History Project V5  #1
Immigration from Afghanistan V5  #1
Immigration from China V5  #1
Immigration from Colombia V5  #1
Immigration, English as a Second Language, Essays V5  #1
Immigration from Greece V5  #1
Immigration from Hong Kong V5  #1
Immigration from India FAA
Immigration from Scotland WG
Immigration from Sri Lanka V5  #1
Immigration from Scotland FF V7  #1
Institutions FF
Kingston Road Study V2  #3
Jewish Cemetery V6  #1
Landlords FAA
Law and Order
Learning at Home FAA
Library, Personal library of an immigrant WG
Literary Society V8  #1
Logging Bees and Clearing Land FF
Maple Leaf Forever
McCowan, Alexander FF
McCowan, Ashley FAA
McCowan, James, Coalmaster
McCowan, James Alexander V4  #4
McCowan, Reeve Robert FF V3  #2
McCowan Scholarship V3  #1
McCowan, William Harold V3  #2
McLeod, Young, Weir and Co. V2  #2
Migration, to Portage La Prairie CS
Mortgages V1  #2
Muir, Alexander
Mural Routes Survey Results V1  #4
Neilson, James FF
Ownership, Right of Real Estate V2  #1
Planning Process (Some Definitions by the Sewell Commission) V1  #2
Ploughing Match V1  #2
Ploughing Match Bet FF V7 #1
Pollution WG
Potato Pits WG
Presbyterians FF
Primitive First Aid V4 #2
Proclamation by the Mayor: Scarboro Fare Fair V2 Supp 1
Proclamation by the Mayor: Scottish Heritage Days V4 #1
Proclamation by the Mayor: Tartan Day V3  #2
V2 #2
Public Art Policy V2  #6
Purdie, Jennie V4  #1
Quilting FF
Railway V6  #1
Real Estate Law is a Specialty V2  #6
Real Estate Sales Pledge V2  #1
Real Estate: Agent Obligations V3  #1
Recreation, Foot Races V1  #2
Regency Cottage
R.H. King Academy V1  #4
Roads in Scotland, early WG
Roof, Leaky V2  #3
Rosh Hashana V2  #3
Scarboro Fare Fair: A Community Celebration V2  #4
Scarboro Fare Fair (comments) V3  #1
Scarboro Fare Fair Program V2  Supp 1
Scarboro Missions V1  #4
Scarborough Arts Council V2  #3
Scarborough Bluffs, Exploring V6 #1
Scarborough Board of Education V2  #3
Scarborough's BiCentennial WG
School Fair FF
School Fence, climbing the V8  #1
Scotch Plough WG
Scottish Cultural Groups
Scottish Heritage Days in Scarborough
Selling a Home V2  #5
Sites of Interest
Smoking, in Public Places Survey Result V1  #4
Social Institutions and Business, Joint Ventures V2  #1
St. Andrew's FAA
Stage Door Theatre V2  #1,#2
Stage Production: A Scarboro Tale V2  Supp 1
Stage Production: With I Hope a New Face
Steam Navigation, Invention of TS
Stobo, Robert James V2  #1
Storm of '35 V6  #1
Street Car Service Disruption V6  #1
Subdivision Development V4  #3, #4
Temperance Movement FF
Thomson, Marion V4  #3
Threshing FF
Toronto Bay, Curling on CS
Toronto BiCentennial V1  #4
Toronto BiCentennial, Scottish Community V1  #4
Toronto Waterfront V1  #1
Tractor, Ford 9N V8  #1
Tremendous Tree Hunt V2  #6
Trinidad WG
Typhus Fever SA
Volunteerism V2  #2, #3
Vote, Right and Obligation to V1  #3
Wartime Relationships FAA
Weir, James FF
Weir, James M.T. FF
Women and the Family Farm V1  #3
Work FF
Young, William Ewart V2  #2

See also: Recent Issues

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