Scottish Heritage Days
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City of Scarborough

July 5, 6, 7 1996

WHEREAS... the City of Scarborough officially celebrates the Bicentennial in 1996, and
WHEREAS... the Scots were prominent among the very first white settlers in the Scarborough wilderness, and
WHEREAS... Scottish Canadians have contributed significantly to the economic and cultural well being of the community, and
WHEREAS... the James McCowan Memorial Social History Society, a non-profit non-charitable organization, will publish several booklets that place the experience of the Scarborough Scots within the wider context of the community, and
WHEREAS... the Scots’ St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church was the focal point for Centennial Celebrations and Sesqui-Centennial Celebrations in 1896 and 1946 respectively, and
WHEREAS... it is important to celebrate the multicultural fabric of the city,

I hereby proclaim July 5, 6, 7 1996 as "Scottish Heritage Days" in the City of Scarborough.

Frank Faubert