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You may have noticed that this web site includes many "Oral Histories" -- the personal experiences of you and your contemporaries.  Society (the whole) is only as "smart" as the sum of the experiences of the parts (you and I). It is important for us to individually contribute what we have learned to the process of improving public policy.

Please email your stories to me at the above address. Please understand that the McCowan Society may choose to publish your story in one of their "theme" booklets!

Here's a short intro to an Oral History tool.

Learning From Our Experiences: Oral History

Your input into the social and economic planning process is very valuable. Your past experiences are important "bits of data" that can be considered as we -- through our elected representatives -- effect policy changes. The James McCowan Memorial Social History Society is a non-profit, non-charitable organization dedicated to placing the Scottish experience within the wider context of the community. Oral history is a major element of their work. While "politics" is of no interest to the McCowan Society, the issues with which politicians must grapple are of vital concern to us all.

The following is a very abbreviated version of one of the McCowan Society "Oral History Interview Projects". Many of our readers grew up on a family farm and must be deeply concerned about the future of rural Ontario. 

Women and the Family Farm

Your Youth

  1. What educational opportunities did you have?
  2. Were you in 4-H or Junior Farmers?
  3. How did you relate to young women from the city?
  4. Did your parents expect you to marry a local farmer?
  5. Did you want to marry a local farmer?
  6. Did agriculture-related career opportunities off the farm present themselves?
  7. What series of events led to your selection of a career unrelated to agriculture?

Please tell your rural Ontario acquaintances about this "Oral History Interview Project" and please ask them to contact The James McCowan Memorial Social History Society at 416-447-4895. Other projects are also available.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #3

Here's the link to the full version of "Women and the Family Farm" and other Oral History Interview Projects.

McCowan Society Oral History Interview Projects
I Will Upload More Projects Shortly

# Project Topic
6 The Farm and the Environment
7 Women and the Family Farm
8 Field, Food and Family
9 Immigration to Metro Toronto from the Former British Colonies Via Britain, 1950-1990