Scarboro Fare Fair 1994
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The Proclamation of Scarboro Fare Fair 1994

Whereas 1994 is the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of both the founding of the Scarborough Agricultural Society and the first Scarborough Fair and

Whereas production of food is a fundamental element of our economy and essential in meeting the most basic of human needs and

Whereas 1994 is the International Year of the Family and

Whereas the family is the most fundamental of our social institutions where care is provided and where our other basic needs are met and

Whereas SCARBOROUGH FARE FAIR 1994 will explore the past, present and future nutritional needs and expectations of the family where we view the family in the larger context of the community and its culture,

I hereby proclaim November 11-12 1994 as "Scarborough Fare Fair" in the City of Scarborough.

Joyce Trimmer, Mayor


Also Printed in The Scarboro Heights Record V2, Supplement 1