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How does a small community theatre company like Scarborough Heights' "Stage Door Theatre" remain active for over thirteen years?

Developed as a repertory company, the group manages a formal constitution and does not hold open auditions for individual plays. Members join the group as volunteers and become involved in many shows as performers and as crew. Stage Door Theatre welcomes all hands including actors, directors, producers and technicians -- and those who simply want to help with odd jobs and enjoy a sociable atmosphere. A regular season of three performances takes place at the Cliffcrest Community Centre, with rehearsal space provided by the Winston Churchill Collegiate Theatre arts room.

The second production of the 1993/94 season is Jack and the Beanstock -- involving community youngsters and their families. This presentation of the familiar fairy tale incorporates both comedy and adventure as well as music and audience participation. There are frightening immortals and a beautiful princess, a daring young adventurer and one BIG giant!

From The Scarboro Heights Record V2 #1

Congratulations to Scarboro Heights' very own Stage Door Theatre on a series of wonderful performances of Jack and the Beanstock at Cliffcrest Community Centre. I enjoyed it so much, I went back to see it again! Four out of their six shows were sellouts. Thanks to all for supporting this production.

Stage Door's next production will be in June. For information on how you can volunteer -- acting, directing, producing, set-up, promotion, technical details, or even just pouring coffee -- call 905-686-7470.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V2 #2