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The Scarborough Heights Waterfront
Excerpts from the Report

In 1992 the Honourable David Crombie and the Royal Commission on the Future of the Toronto Waterfront published their Report, "Regeneration". The following are among the recommendations that will be of interest to your community.

"... offer comprehensive waterfront and river valley policies, taking into account the environmental vulnerability of the Scarborough Bluffs and the Rouge River Valley area. Such policies should outline ways to acquire, maintain, and provide access to land along the waterfront and up the river valleys...

"... encourage continued development of a waterfront trail, including a two-tiered trail in Scarborough as part of the regional greenway and trail system, one route above the bluffs and one at their base. The system should also enhance access nodes to the waterfront, improve access to Bluffer's Park, and include facilities to educate the public on the geological processes that contributed to formation of the bluffs..."

Copies of this very informative report are available free from: Waterfront Regeneration Trust, 207 Queen's Quay West, 5th Floor, Su. 580, Toronto, M5J 1A7.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #1