Robert James Stobo
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In Memory of Trooper
Robert James Stobo
of Scarboro
Born May 3rd, 1878
Died Feb. 3rd, 1902
At Heidleberg, South Africa
While Serving in the S.A.C.
In the Boer-British War
Erected by
The Citizens of Scarboro

Robert Stobo grew up on the family farm on Kingston Road between Bellamy and McCowan Roads. The monument in his memory is in St. Andrew's Cemetery, Scarborough.

W. Byron Scot is a descendant of the Stobo family who first purchased land in Scarborough Heights in 1826. Byron's grandfather, William Frederick Scott, who lived on the south side of Kingston Road at Bellamy, was the first Police Chief in Scarborough. Byron is a Patron of the James McCowan Memorial Social History Society and has been working since 1967 with Monarch Construction, a major builder in Scarborough for at least 40 years.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V2 #1