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Neigh the Front -- Exploring Scarboro Heights
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This collection of oral histories and other material is centred on the farms along Scarboro Heights in the McCowan Road / Kingston Road area.

A few random selections from this book are scattered through, the web site of The Scarboro Heights Record.

Sorry to report that not all story submissions up to now could be included in Neigh the Front.  Those that were not included will very likely be placed on this web site!  And if a story touches on a particular theme that touches our fancy, we may include it in another publication!

Contest... Prizes!

There are a couple of very minor, nit-picky-type errors in Neigh the Front. If you call (416-447-4895) or write or send me an email to the above email address with your name, address and phone number and correctly point out the goof, you'll then qualify for a lucky draw.

Contents in Brief


Part 1 -- Introduction -- A Learning Resource for Students

  • Overview and Methodology
  • Purpose
  • Inputs and Resources: Context and Evidence (On-line Unit)
  • Method: Information Processing Techniques (On-line Unit)
  • Outputting "Better Information": Some Rules of Writing (On-line Unit)

Part 2 -- The Farming Community to 1950

  • Kingston Road and Transportation
  • Immigrants and Land
  • Disease, Health Care and Mortality
  • Character and Faith of the People
  • Public Service, Leadership, Civic Duty and Democracy
  • Housing, Homelessness, Heat and Hardship
  • Education
  • Pastimes, Recreation, Fun at Work and Music
  • The Changing Times
  • On the Farm

Part 3 -- A New Era: 1950-2001

  • The Neighbourhood
  • H.A. Halbert Public School



For their generous financial assistance with the production of Neigh the Front, many thanks on behalf of the McCowan Society to:

  • McDougall and Brown Funeral Home
  • Cliffcrest Plaza Limited
  • Hemson Consulting Ltd.
  • Dr. R. Lubin
  • John R. McCowan
  • William D. McCowan
  • Beatriz McCowan

And a special thanks to the many folk, past and present, who took some time out of a busy day to record their recollections for the benefit of our students and other readers.

D. Bruce McCowan, Halbert Graduate, 1968


Neigh The Front
Exploring Scarboro Heights

A joint publication of
The Scarboro Heights Record
and the
James McCowan Memorial Social History Initiative


Neigh the Front
is a students’ companion volume to
the Educational Resource section of

the web site of

The Scarboro Heights Record

Dedicated To Promoting

Community Events, Multicultural Activities, The Arts
Non-Profit Groups, Local History and Local Heroes

ISSN 1198-9114

With thanks to Bea McCowan, Retired Real Estate Broker

James McCowan Memorial
Social History Initiative

A Non-Profit Non-Charitable Organization Dedicated
To Placing the Scottish Experience Within the
Wider Context of the Community

c/o 19 Monarchwood Crescent, Don Mills
Ontario, M3A 1H3, 416-447-4895

From Croft to Clearing: ISSN 1195-177X

Honorary Chairman
Lord Justice Sir Anthony McCowan

We are inviting anyone who has lived in Scarboro Heights
– Midland to Markham Road, from the Lake to Eglinton –
to contribute further stories
as supplements to Neigh the Front to

Additional stories about school days at
H.A. Halbert Public School
are particularly welcome at this time as we
commemorate Halbert’s 50th Anniversary in 2001

Please send the stories by email to the
Email address at top of this page
or to the McCowan Society street address above

Neigh the Front is
Dedicated to the Memory of
Janet Marion McCowan Fincham
April 16 1952 - February 4 1993
Graduate of H.A. Halbert, 1966


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Neigh the Front - Exploring Scarboro Heights has provided insight into your community’s past. Knowledge about the past is available through many sources: oral histories, written accounts, and even archaeology. While Scarborough has gone through a transformation from a rural farming area to a large urban community, vestiges of the past still remain to be seen above and below ground. As you reflect on the information contained within this book, consider what may still remain to be found by archaeologists. Excavating historic sites is another way to uncover how people lived in the past. Through examination of their material possessions and what is known through other sources, a clearer picture of Scarborough’s history may be uncovered. As you create your own past and memories, consider what will survive and how you can communicate your life experiences to future generations.

Dena Doroszenko, Archaeologist,
Ontario Heritage Foundation