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Some Stories and Information Relating to Public Health & Safety
As Published in

Neigh the Front -- Exploring Scarboro Heights
Child Mortality Late Nineteenth Century
Disease and Childbirth Observations of a Scottish Minister, 1832
Land Clearing Tragedy Fatherlessness, 1832
Cholera 1834
Motherlessness 1864, 1883, 1891
Painful and Protracted Disease 1886
Iodized Salt Groundwater minerals
Rheumatic Fever A mysterious remedy, ca 1895
Suicide and Mental Health 1898
Diphtheria 1902
Unplanned Pregnancy 1916
Nutrition and Health Care On the Farm ca 1925
Primitive First Aid 1927
Cigarettes 1931
Sewer Construction ca 1960
Swarm of Bees at school ca 1965
Accident on the School Fence 5 Stitches
New Firehall 1953


Some Stories & Info on This Web Site Relating to Public Health / Safety 
(Other than the above Links and child links)
(Generally from Back Issues of Scarboro Heights Record)
Food Security Quiz Nutrition
Scarborough Fair Agriculture -- Feeding the Community
Field, Food and Family Oral History Interview Project
Safety on the Farm Horses and Implements
Tractor Safety ca 1960
Cigarettes ca 1965
Food and Community Fare Fair


Finding Socio-Economic Balance
Your Opinion on Smoking in Public Places

It can be difficult for our environmental, social and economic planners to find a balance between what we may call "social goals" and "economic goals". Indeed, economic forces have social side effects and vice versa. The quality of the air that we breathe impacts directly on our health -- and, hence, on public health care costs. But then, it has been claimed that a ban on smoking in Scarborough's public places will threaten over 9,000 restaurant jobs in the city -- and diminished self-esteem and financial resources may lead to crime, personal suffering and family abuse. All of this is quite apart from the costs associated with enforcement, if indeed enforcement is reasonably possible.

I am interested in your opinion on the "smoking ban question".:

"Should smoking be banned from all public places in the City of Scarborough?"

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #2


Survey Results: Smoking in Public Places

To the Question in the August issue:

"Should smoking be banned from all public places in the City of Scarborough?"

I received 39 responses:

Yes 31%
No 69%

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #4