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By Jack and Ethel McCowan


  • A nice horse and buggy ride on the dirt roads
  • A cutter ride in the winter on the sideroad or in the fields.
  • Backing up hills in the Model 'T' because the low gear band was worn.
  • When four-wheel brakes arrived -- the older cars with two-wheel brakes couldn't stop nearly so quickly.
  • The whistle of the old steam engines on the trains at each crossing.
  • The occasional aeroplane was worth a look.
  • Speaking of flying... the thrill of hearing a flock of Canada Geese honking as they flew in formation, Spring and Fall.

Household Appliances

  • Dumb waiters were used to lower food to the basement to keep cool.
  • Then our first refrigerator. We could now keep ice cream – a pleasant luxury.
  • The old washing machine with a wringer to squeeze the water out of the clothes.
  • The "Dryer" was a clothes line outside or in the basement.


  • The old independent telephone with the crank on one side, the earphone on a cord on the other and the mouthpiece on the front.
  • The first radio -- an old crystal set with earphones.
  • Then a more modern-looking radio with a speaker on top.
  • Television was something else -- imagine sitting in your own home watching a show!

And Now...

  • Computers have taken control of our lives. They are everywhere and in everything.
  • It used to be that, when you made a phone call, if you didn't get a busy signal, you actually spoke to someone. Now you speak to a machine that informs you to leave a message or asks you some questions. What happened to the people?
  • And now, as the year 2000 approaches, we are informed that these computers may not co-operate and accept the millenium.
  • We have seen many changes in the last 75 years. It is hard to imagine what the future holds.

Cheers to the Millenium.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V6 #1