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Some Definitions by the "Sewell Commission"

The 1993 report, New Planning for Ontario, prepared by John Sewell's "Commission on Planning and Development Reform in Ontario" includes a section of "Definitions". Some of these are:

Annual cost of housing, including mortgage, principal, and interest payments as amortized over 25 years with a 25 percent down payment, or gross rent, that does not exceed 30 percent of gross annual household income.

Built Heritage
A building, structure, monument, or installation (or a group of them), or remains, associated with architectural, cultural, social, political, economic, or military history.

The development of a property or site at a higher density than previously existed. It includes (1) redevelopment, or development within existing communities; (2) infill development, or development on vacant lots or underdeveloped lots within a built-up area; (3) conversion, or the change of use of an existing structure or land use; (4) creation of apartments or other accommodation in houses.

A hardwood, softwood, or mixed wooded area of more than one hectare, covered in trees to a density of (1) at least 1000 trees per hectare of all sizes, or (2) 750 trees per hectare measuring over 5 centimetres in diameter, or (3) 500 trees per hectare measuring over 12 centimetres in diameter, or (4) 250 trees per hectare measuring over 20 centimetres in diameter.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #2