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Immigrating to Canada

I have been living in Canada since 1995. Before I came to Canada, I had lived in Hong Kong for more than 25 years. I could have chosen to immigrate to other countries like the United States, Australia or New Zealand. But I chose Canada because it allows multiculturalism and freedom.

The reason I immigrated to Canada is that Hong Kong is going to return to China in 1997.  As a Chinese, I should feel good about this, but it is a sad thing for me to live under communism. Although the Chinese government has promised it will not change anything in Hong Kong within the coming 50 years, I still have doubts about it.

When I arrived in Canada I didn't expect to face so many difficult situations. I used to work in a big company. I got a high salary and I had lots of entertainment. Also I didn't need to speak too much English. Now, I can't find a job because I lack Canadian experience. I have to improve my English. I can't communicate with local people. If I were in Hong Kong, I wouldn't have to worry about the above problem.

Almost one and a half years have gone by. I am feeling much better because I feel my English has been improving. If I can speak and write English fluently. I think it could help me to find a job. Also, I can spend more time with my family and there is no need to go outside for entertainment 5 times a week.

I am still moulding my life. I hope one day I can find a good job and be a Canadian.

E.W., Scarborough
June 1996


In February 1995 I came to Canada with my husband and son and there was still snow. It was very different from Hong Kong. My heart was heavy. Soon I started to miss my parents and friends in Hong Kong and I began to think I shouldn't have come.

We chose to immigrate here because my husband's family had been living here for many years. Also, here we have opportunities we wouldn't have in the unsettled situation in Hong Kong after 1997. I didn't really want to leave, but I wanted to give my son a better future.

We know that we have to face many difficulties. When we arrived in Scarborough, we lived in our sister-in-law's basement. We spent three months looking for a house and we were fortunate to buy a house close to our relatives. After that, my husband started to look for a job. He had worked for ten years as an engineer in Hong Kong but he wasn't able to find a job here. Most of the companies require local experience. Now he is planning to go to first year University in electrical engineering. He's 35 and he's starting all over. I feel it is not fair to immigrants to have to start over again.

However Canada's political system is based on democracy and fairness and we might not have had that in Hong Kong. We are some of the numerous immigrants in Canada who want to enjoy freedom here. My son is used to going to school here now and he appreciates living in Canada. I hope that some day I will feel that way too.

J., Scarborough
June 1996

From The Scarboro Heights Record V5  #1