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Parades and Concerts in the Park
by Ted Richardson

My time at H.A. Halbert was the highlight of my teaching career. For eight years I enjoyed a dynamic situation with great kids, teachers and parents.

I fondly recall the 1967 celebration which we had for Canada's Centennial. The whole school population paraded down Kingston Road to Birchmount Park for an evening of folk dancing and fun. When I contemplate the effort of all concerned to put this project together I have a great sense of pride in that community.

The Concerts in the Park (the front of the school) were another joyful experience for me. We rented the large stage-mobile from Scarboro Works Department each year and had Junior, Intermediate and Senior bands perform. Musician friends and parents who played instruments also joined in for an evening of musical treats.

Those eight years at Halbert P.S were a super time of my life. I shall never forget the great people who helped make it all happen.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V6 #1