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I came from Greece in September 1994 with my husband. We came to Canada because my husband wanted to study in OTS (Ontario Theological Seminary) in Toronto. We chose Toronto because we knew about this University from my brother-in-law who had also studied in this University for three years.

I like Toronto, but when I came here I confronted some problems. First of all, I was so far from my family. I couldn't see them and I felt so lonely. The second one was   that I didn't have friends. The people here were so closed and unfriendly. In my country the culture is very different from Toronto. My neighbours here were so strange. They didn't speak to us until my husband went and knocked on their doors and met them. Now, one and a half years later, nobody has time to socialize.

The last problem was the English lanugage. I escaped this problem when I started to go to ESL school.

I was like a fish out of water. I felt very lonely and isolated. I became so hostile with the Greek people who had told us that Canada was paradise. Most of the immigrants here live in order to work and to save money. In Greece the ideas is the opposite of this: "I work in order to live."  The most important thing for me is to enjoy life and relationships.

Finally we decided to return to Greece earlier than we had originally planned. Next September when my husband finishes some courses, we will go back to our country, our familes and our friends. Toronto was such a strange experience for me. I think in the future I won't ever complain again about my life.

M.N., Scarborough
June 1996

From The Scarboro Heights Record V5  #1