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Rich Tasks -- Critical Thinking


Rich Tasks and Other Exercises

Public vs. Private Education Pioneers in the Benefits of De-Streamed Classrooms
The Ontario Curriculum in 1890 Learning by repetition has its merits; Be an Education Consultant
Oral History -- Education: 1920s and 1930s Design an Oral History Interview Project
Agriculture and Safety Being careful, Knowing what you're doing, safety in the food chain; Agriculture as a system of integrated technologies
Agriculture as a Business Creating a new Institution
Fairness and Equity Equitable Distribution of Family Assets; Equity in Historiography 
Classification and Properties of a Class of Objects Math / Data Analysis -- Lowland Occupations in 1790
Short Play for Public Schools Burns Supper in Scarborough, Jan. 25 1834: Values of the Immigrants
Integrated Learning Lesson Plan Social Studies, Technology, Math and English using Scarborough's first Council Chambers as a Learning Resource
The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions The Concept of Change
Technology-- Structures  
Immigrant Values: Building a Country Character Education
Learning Unit: Agriculture   
Recreation Learning Unit  
Education Learning Unit  
Learning Unit: Housing, Homelessness, Heat and Hardship  
Public Service Learning Unit   
Character Education Learning Unit  
Health Care Learning Unit  
Learning Unit: Immigrants and Land  
Transportation Learning Unit  


Recommended McCowan Society Publications


Other Recommended Reading

  • The Lowland Clearances: Scotland's Silent Revolution, 1760-1830, Peter Aitchison and Andrew Cassell, Tuckwell Press

Note: The above seven publications (and others) are available from The James McCowan Memorial Social History Society, c/o 19 Monarchwood Cres., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, M3A 1H3, 416-447-4895 ( Please print a copy of our order form on this page:


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