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In past issues, you may have noticed many references to the Scarborough Arts Council and their projects -- Mural Routes is a particularly well-known project on Kingston Road. I am pleased to report that I have joined the Council as a "Friend". The Arts Council's Mission is to "Provide leadership and opportunities for artists to pursue excellence in the visual, literary and performing arts, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all". One of their tools is Surface and Symbol, their very informative newspaper. You'll find news and views on everything from:

Art exhibitions and shows
To contests for poems and prose;
Conferences, classes
And choirs en masses;
And grants -- as long as they last, I suppose!

Now, I've heard that Surface and Symbol is one of the best local arts newspapers in the country... So, if I may, please give the best local Arts Council a call at 698-7322!

From The Scarboro Heights Record V2 #3


Please note that the Scarborough Arts Council is not a granting body nor does it administer a Grants program.  Obtaining arts "News and Views" through Surface and Symbol is the important point of my limerick!