Highland Creek Village Mural
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Highland Creek Village Mural

The Scarborough Arts Council and the Highland Creek Village Mural Committee are delighted to report that Mural Number 8 is underway -- or, rather -- "going up".

As you may recall from my August/93 issue of The Scarboro Heights Record, the Heritage Trail Mural Routes Project depicts landmarks and events in Scarborough's history.

This next mural will illustrate a day in 1867 when the villagers of Highland Creek gathered to build an addition to the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel that once stood amongst the tombstones in the cemetery on Old Kingston Road. The elongation of the chapel so long ago prompted the Minister to name it "the shooting gallery".

Sketches of the proposed design, submitted by artists from an invitational list, will be on display at a public gathering at St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church on Lawson Road at 7:30 pm on April 25/94. Your comments on the designs will be considered by the jury when they select the artist. Painting is planned to start in June 1994.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V2 #2