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A Musical and Historical Narrative of
Scarborough's Colourful Agricultural Past and Pioneers
November 12 1994

Written by Larry Westlake, Like Magic Productions
Based on An Idea by Bruce McCowan
Musical Director: Vanessa Molto
Bass: Roger Starr

Cast Acknowledgements
Charmaine Beyer Cullen Gardens, Whitby
Lou Burgess Oshawa Little Theatre
Robert Corbett Sarah Walker
Laura Gibbs The People of St. Andrew's
Philip Hill Jack Tyrell
Sheldon Krahn Pamela Hill
Nancy Maxwell Gord Shannon
Del Strangward John Caldwell
Christa Webber Anthony D'Andrea
Larry Westlake Staff of Scarborough Village Recreation Centre

Some of Scarborough's hardy farm folk that you have just met include: Dr. Duncan McDiarmid; Margaret McCowan Crone; Robert Stobo, a Fair official; Jenny Neilson; Robert Hamilton, a temperance advocate; James McCowan; Tom Martin; Alexander McCowan. The Hon. John Elmsley was an official from the bustling Town of York. Jack Devery would have perhaps been a typical travelling actor of the period.

Most of the historical material used in the script was drawn from primary sources that have been printed in Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play by D.B McCowan; James McCowan Family From 1833 by Margaret Heron Carr and the Markham Economist as printed in "Scarborough Historical Notes and Comments". The historical material actually spans several decades. Slides were provided by Bruce McCowan.


The Program for Scarboro Fare Fair 1994 was printed as a special supplement to Vol 2 of  The Scarboro Heights Record.