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Immigrating to Canada

I came from China. I have been living in Canada for a number of years. I came to Canada with my husband. I left my country because I disliked the communist system and longed for democracy and freedom. One of my aunts who had lived in Hong Kong for twenty years helped us to come to Canada. We succeeded in getting out of China with her help. When I came to Canada I felt very happy.

After two days, I felt homesick. I missed my parents. I was very worried because I didn't understand English. Everything was new and interesting, but also upsetting because of so many different races and languages. I thought, "what happened to me?" Could I live in this country with my problems? In the first month I used to go to Chinatown in downtown Toronto. When I went there I felt better.

In Canada there were a lot of things different from China. Health care is the best. OHIP covers everybody. Even new immigrants and seniors go to see a doctor without having to pay. In China many people can't get well even after they spend their life savings. They still owe the hospital money after they die and their family has to be responsible. There isn't freedom in China. Nobody is allowed to express his opinion. If his political ideas aren't approved by the government he will go to jail.

I came to Canada with the hope of a new future. I love this country. I am learning the language, obey the laws and assimilate the rules of this multicultural society. Sometimes life is hard. But success in life isn't automatic. It comes with hard work and time. I'll be begging to God to keep this land glorious and free.

L.H., Scarborough
June 1996

From The Scarboro Heights Record V5  #1