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Curling Match, February 5 1840

Another match beween the Scarboro' and Toronto Clubs, being the second this winter, was played on Toronto Bay, on the 5th inst. -- 24 players aside, on three rinks, one stone each. The game was for 93 shots, or for the greatest number at half-past four o'clock. At the time limited, Scarboro' counted the full number, Toronto being 40 shots behind.

On Rink No. 1 Scarboro' stood 31  
    "   Toronto 23  
    " 2 Scarboro' 38  
    "   Toronto 12  
    " 3 Scarboro' 24  
    "   Toronto 18  
Scarboro' winning on the 3 Rinks by 40

The day was too mild to have keen ice; and the rinks being kept according to previous agreement, the full length of 42 yards from tee to tee, the weak players of Toronto were frequently "hogs" while the giants of Scarboro' came roaring up to the "brough". At one head [end] on rink No. 2, every Scarboro' stone counted: and at another only one stone out of the sixteen came over the "hog score"; so that in some measure the contest was a trial of physical strength as well as of science.

As many of the Scarboro' players, even considering the state of the ice, acquitted themselves in a manner which entitles them to immortality, it is now conferred upon them by recording their names, and the order of playing; not, however, without a feeling of regret, that in doing equal justice, the names of the unsuccessful Toronto players must also go down to posterity:

Rink No. 1

Scarboro' Toronto
1 Mr. Wm. Purdie 1 Mr. John Ewart, jun.
2 Thomas Wilson 2 Thomas Ewart
3 John Stobo 3 J. Walker
4 John Muir 4 J. Dick
5 James Cleland 5 R. McClure
6 Wm. Findlay 6 John Leys
7 James Cowan [McCowan] 7 G.P. Dickson
8 Robert Scott 8 James Bicket
Rink No. 2
1 James Weir 1 John Watson
2 Wm. Clarke, jun. 2 R. Greighton
3 Wm. Clarke, sen. 3 John Lawrence
4 David Brown 4 S.B. Campbell
5 John Gibson 5 George Denholm
6 James Gibson, jun. 6 Wm. Creighton
7 John Tacket 7 Angus Morrison
8 James Gibson, sen. 8 John Struthers

Rink No. 3

1 Robt. Reid 1 A. Badenach
2 Thomas Brown 2 J. Thomson
3 James Findlay 3 J. Bell
4 John Laurie 4 J. McMurrich
5 Arch Glendinning 5 Wm. Ross
6 Andrew Fleming 6 Thos. Dick
7 Abraham Torrance 7 W. Thompson
8 John Torrance 8 J.M. Murchieson

The Toronto Club ought before another winter to form artificial rinks, and by thus rendering themselves to a certain extent independent of the weather, or of the fluctuations of the Lake, they would be sure in any future contest with their neighbours, of at least having 'just-ice'.

Besides the match, several promiscuous games were played, the Toronto Club having prepared ice, and supplied additional stones and brooms for this purpose; and from the abundance of supernumerary players on this occasion it is intended that the meeting next winter shall be with thirty-two or forty players a side.

His Excellency the Governor General was on the ice, and appeared to take much interest in the progress of the match, entering into conversation with the players regarding the game. His Excellency Sir George Arthur and suite were also present during part of the day.

From Curling-A Scottish Sport in Scarborough