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School Section Number 5, Scarborough -- 1930s

Before Nancy (Weir) and her family moved to Unionville, they had a farm on Kennedy Road in Scarborough. Nancy attended No. 5 Public School and she and I were pals.

At about the time we were in Grade Two, there was a naughty little boy, Donald, who also attended No. 5 and who delighted in hitting little girls. He usually did this to either Nancy or me when we were walking along Ellesmere Road on the way home from school. Donald would wait until he was not far from his own home, run from behind, deliver his punch and then run home before he could be caught. No one dared venture to his home as his mother would come out screaming at anyone who came near Donald.

One day Nancy and I decided we had had enough and plotted our revenge. At this point I should say that Nancy was a very fast runner and quite strong -- in other words, she was a tough little cookie! That afternoon while walking home, we kept a wary eye out for Donald. We didn't have to wait long before we saw him coming. Sure enough, he came running from behind, delivered a punch and headed for home. Nancy took off like a jack rabbit and before he got far she caught him. We wrestled him to the ground, Nancy sat on him and held him and I punched him.

End of story -- we never had trouble with Donald again!

Ruth Loveless, June 4, 1992

From The Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album
Scarboro Heights Record V9 #4


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