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Quotable Quotes: #4 --  "You'll be an old man before you're thirty."
Bill McCowan

Dad has always been a very relaxed person. He thought that, at about 14, I worried too much: so he warned me about getting ulcers. So I worried about getting ulcers! None-the-less, at 38, I'm none-the-worse for worry! So there!

In my studies of the McCowan family history, I have somehow concluded that my great-great grandfather, Robert McCowan, was much like Dad -- very industrious and quiet. Although Robert's own obituary does not go into much detail, that of his youngest brother describes William P. McCowan so: "He was of a rather retiring disposition and pursued the even tenor of his way with that commendable Scotch quality, canniness".

Although Mom and Dad have always worked very hard, they knew when and how to relax: Sunday was their day of rest -- their "Family Day". Barb and I would go to Sunday School at about 10:00 with Aunt Jewel and our cousins, Janet, Doug, John and Ann; church at 11:00; dinner with Grandpa and Grandma McCowan at their home on the Scarborough Bluffs; and Sunday supper with Grandpa and Grandma Weir at the farm in Unionville. Mom and Dad never really took any "vacations" alone together until within the last ten years or so -- maybe three or four total!

Dad also relaxed with sport: lawn bowling at Highland Creek and curling at the "Royals":

Mention the name McCowan and you immediately think of the Road -- McCowan Road -- right? However, there is something else -- curling. Bill was no exception. He joined the famous Royal Canadian Bicycle and Curling Club where my Uncle Harold had been curling for many years. I too, was a member at that time. One year in the mid 50's, it was decided that there would be a McCowan rink in the Canada Life, that famous and popular curling event held annually throughout the greater Toronto area. Harold, Bill's father, was the skip, my father, Ashley, was the vice, I was second (being older no doubt) and Bill was lead. We won some games and lost some. Our popular win -- we beat Harry Howard of the Granite Club. It was like eliminating Andy Grant in Briar. Harry Howard was a personal friend of our fathers. So my father said "Well, at least we beat Howard!"

Walter McCowan, June 4, 1992

 As explained by John Kinahan, Dad made it to the finals of the Canada Life in 1962:

A story relating to the Canada Life Bonspiel of thirty years ago is a large request as there have been many a rock slide down the ice since then, and I'm having trouble sweeping the frost from my memory to bring those days into the house of my mind.

The year was 1962. Wilf DeRocher, Bill McCowan, Roy Marshall and myself were curling at the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto. Roy and I curled as skip and vice in many of the district spiels with good success, and in '62 decided to enter the Canada Life with me as skip, as I was not eligible to vice, having been on the winning team in '60 in that position.

I told Roy that I wanted to take Wilf DeRocher with us as lead because he was a very close friend of mine and I had got him into curling. He was still very much a beginner but a real up-type to be with.

Thus we had three of our team, so what we needed now was a very strong second to pick up our lead, as we felt, if we could neutralize the opposing front end, Roy and I would be strong enough to give any team a good battle. We then went through the list of eligible and capable curlers, and ended up by asking Bill to curl with us.

From what I remember, he wasn't sure if he could make it but after begging his wife for permission, was granted the right by her to curl with us.

Well, from what I recollect, we won our first eight games and came up against a young "hot-shot" team in the finals. We had a great battle with them and went into an extra end before we were beaten.

All in all, the spiel was very enjoyable. Everyone curled well and, as we had hoped, Bill was able to pick up Wilfred and usually left good houses for Roy and I to work with.

So best wishes to Bill and Nancy. I hope they enjoy their day, and may God bless you all.

John and Florence Kinahan, June 25, 1992

From The Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album