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Scarboro Fare Fair 1994
November 11-12, 1994


Exploring the Past, Present and Future
Nutritional Needs and Expectations
of the Scarborough Family

The answers to the following quiz questions are all easily located in the available literature from the 30 or so food-related non-profit groups and farm marketing boards.

Please write your answer on a scrap of paper (lots available at the registration table!) Be sure to write your name and the number of the question on your answer sheet. The boxes in which you should deposit your answers are numbered accordingly. Please place your answer in the correct box. (Please do not remove any literature that is taped to the table or wall.) Otherwise, the literature is available for you to take home.

  1.  How many Breakfast Clubs do the Toronto Children's Breakfast operate in Toronto?
  2.  How many people participated in the Agincourt Community Services Association food alternatives program in Scarboro in 1993?
  3.  If Canadians could make only ONE choice to improve their diet, what would be the best one to make?
  4.  Kids! What Ontario Historical Society publication should you read to discover the history of Breakfast?
  5.  What can a consumer learn from the Canadian Organic Growers?
  6.  Why does the McCowan Society want you to record your personal recollections of feeding the family?
  7.  Apart from The Scarboro Heights Record which community institutions were the principal community organizers of Scarboro Fare Fair 1994?
  8.  Which McCowan Society publication regarding Fairs did Beatriz McCowan sponsor?
  9.  If you purchase a copy of "Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play" for $6 and fill in the draw ballot, what grand prize might you win?
  10.     What is happening July 14 to 16, 1995, at the Ontario Agricultural Museum?
  11.     How many people volunteer for the Daily Bread Food Bank?
  12.     If you take a vacation on an Ontario farm what should you tell your children?
  13.     How does Coping In Tough Times help with respect to feeding the family?
  14.     From whom can you buy a Good Food Box and a Mom-To-Be-Box?
  15.     Who aims to establish community gardening, contribute to urban food production and further the greening of Metro Toronto?
  16.     How does Second Harvest deliver surplus perishable food to the hungry and needy?
  17.     Why does Toronto need a Food Policy Council?
  18.     What is the Mission of the Scarborough Hunger Coalition?
  19.     Which group publishes the Food Action newsletter?
  20.     Kids! What does Variety do to feel great?
  21.     What four main food groups are all part of healthy eating?
  22.     In what three ways can Metro Community Services' Home Management Specialist help you feed the family?
  23.     Kids! How many daily servings of milk products should you have?
  24.     Which body parts benefit from calcium intake?
  25.     What is the name of the group in Canada that promotes an understanding of food insecurity on a global scale year-round?
  26.     What are the first two steps that you should take toward a healthy heart.
  27.     What are the four best sources of soluble fiber ?
  28.     Name a recipe that might give some symptomatic relief to those suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
  29.     What foods are iron enhancers?
  30.     What is saturated fat?
  31.     What percentage of total annual worldwide methane production is generated by Canadian cattle?
  32.     How many acres of apple orchards are there in Southern Ontario?
  33.     At what temperature should you store apples?
  34.     When and where did the McIntosh apple variety originate?
  35.     What organization certifies domestic gas cooking ranges to Canadian safety standards?
  36.     Who sponsored the recent contest "Mealtimes, Family Times"?
  37.     What are two of the best early measures for prevention of osteoporosis?
  38.     If you develop stomach cramps after drinking a full glass of milk on an empty stomach, what might perhaps be the reason?
  39.     How much oxygen is released by one acre of corn?
  40.     Why should potatoes not be stored in the refrigerator?



We are very grateful to many individuals, corporations and organizations for their kind contributions to these projects. In particular, I wish to personally thank Barry Nesbitt and his lovely wife, Jean, for devoting so much time and effort to promotion and media contact.

Thanks to our many prize and refreshment donors:

Fiesta Barbecues Ltd., Mississauga, for the Grand Prize Barbecue; Ault Foods, Don Mills; Ontario Historical Society; The Becker Milk Company Limited, Scarborough; Oxford University Press, Toronto; University of Toronto Press, Toronto; McClelland and Stewart, Toronto; Richardson's Tartan Shop; Dundurn Press and Hounslow Press, Toronto; Natural Heritage / Natural History, Toronto; SmithBooks, Toronto; Coles Bookstores Ltd., Toronto; MacNeil's Scottish Imports; Ollie's Taps and Grill, Scarborough; Ontario Apple Marketing Commission; Bonnie Briar's Pub & Restaurant, Scarborough; McDonald's Restaurant, Scarborough; Health and Specialty Foods, Scarborough; Meera Mathias, Scarborough, Dietician; James McCowan Memorial Social History Society; General Publishing, Don Mills; Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Scarborough Chapter; Hostess Frito-Lay, Scarborough; St. Andrew's Fish and Chips, Scarborough; Dempsey-Rand, Udora; Callander House, Downsview; Like Magic Productions; Arby's, Scarborough; Whittamore's Berry Farm, Markham; Watson's Fruit Farm, Scarborough; Tootsie Roll of Canada, Scarborough; McCowan's Highland Toffee, Scotland; Sunlike Juice, Scarborough; Tradition Fine Foods, Don Mills; Knob Hill Farms, Scarborough; Super Pufft Popcorn, Scarborough; Business Depot, Scarborough; Ontario Pork; Dairy Bureau of Canada.

And for our entertainment, we wish to thank:

Fred Crossley; The Toronto Toe Tappers; Murray Smith; Bob Dunk; The Cast of A Scarboro Tale.

For providing colourful posters here and for their assistance with promotion and in various other ways, thanks to:

Jamie Ramesbottom and Wilmar Heights Non-Profit Homes; Markham Fair; Ministry of Agriculture Information Centre; Morningside Mall; Kennedy Road Business Association; and the almost countless offices and retail stores who permitted our promotional literature on their premises.

And thanks to the Media for exceptional coverage.

Hope you enjoyed SCARBORO FARE FAIR 1994.

I would be pleased to provide you with a complete list of the names and addresses of the organizations and marketing boards that participated in Scarboro Fare Fair 1994.  Please contact me 

The Program for Scarboro Fare Fair 1994 was printed as a special supplement to Vol 2 of  The Scarboro Heights Record.