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Scottish Diaspora Tapestry



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To Placing the Scottish Experience
Within the Wider Context of the Community

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Neigh the Front: Exploring Scarboro Heights: 142 pages, 20 photographs, 3 maps $17.00
2 Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play: 56 pgs, Foreword by Mike Filey $7.00
3 To Sustene the Personis: The Agricultural Revolution: 48 pgs, 2 maps, glossary $6.00
4 When the Ground Fails: An Economic Watershed: 86 pgs, 11 illustr., glossary, 2 maps $9.00
5 Out of stock
6 Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album: 48 pgs $8.00
7 Curling: A Scottish Sport in Scarboro: 4 pgs $1.00
8 James McCowan Family from 1833, by Margaret Carr: 96 pgs, 180 photographs, illustrated 3-ring binder (An affiliated publication) $57.50
9 The McCowans of Cumnock, Lesmahagow and Scarborough: 29 pgs $6.00
10 The McCowans' Who's Who for Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Two: 32 pgs $5.00
11 St. Andrew's 150 Years Ago: 12 pgs $2.50
12 10 McCowan Society Greeting Cards & envelopes: Christmas or blank inside (please circle) $6.00
13 Street Railways: Toronto, 1861-1930: 32 pgs, 7 photos (Toronto Maps Project: The McCowan Society assisted financially) $9.00
14 Miles Map of Scarborough, 1878 ($0.50 with purchase of Neigh the Front: Exploring Scarborough Heights) $2.00
15 "The Lowland Clearances": Three-part BBC Radio Scotland Series (CD) $7.00
16 "The Lowland Clearances": The Book, by Peter Aitchison and Andrew Cassell -- more of the data that was gathered for the Three-part BBC Radio Scotland Series -- Including interviews with descendants of Scarborough's Scottish pioneer families (Tuckwell Press) $29.00
17 "The Lowland Clearances" (Tuckwell Press) plus To Sustene the Personis: The Agricultural Revolution (Special Price) $31.00
18 The Scots of Scarborough, V1 #1:  36 pages, large format, over 50 illustrations (Includes The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry; I Remember by Jack McCowan; Tools for Working With Trees; The Rae Family of Lesmahagow and Scarborough; Thomas Telford, Eskdale Stonemason and Engineer)
PDF e-file version                $4.00
19 The Scots of Scarborough -- Thinking Like Telford,  V1 #2:  36 pages, large format, over 30 illustrations (Includes The Menai Bridge Model and the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Scarborough Exhibition; Some Innovative Scarborough Scots; Scots Contributions to Agricultural Innovations by Jenny Bruce. This second issue of Volume 1 commemorates 2016 -- Scotland's Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.
PDF e-file version                $4.00


20 The Scots of Scarborough -- The McCowan Farm in the 1920s by Robert P. McCowan V1 #3:  36 pages, large format, over 50 illustrations 
PDF e-file version                $4.00
21 The Scots of Scarborough -- The Purdie Family of Scarborough With Robert P. McCowan V1 #4:  36 pages, large format, over 50 illustrations 
PDF e-file version                $4.00


We're Not Here to Put in Time: Ramblings on a Scottish-Canadian Work Ethic, With William David "Bill" McCowan, 154 pages, perfect bound, over 100 illustrations (also released as Volume 2 of The Scots of Scarborough). This special price includes copies of To Sustene the Personis and Fairs and Frolics --- $35.00 
PDF e-file version of only "We're Not Here to Put in Time" --- $13.00

23 The Scots of Scarborough -- At the Home of the Bride's Parents: A Century of St. Andrew's Weddings,  V3 #3:  32 pages, large format, 50 illustrations 
PDF e-file version                $4.00
24 Well Taught the Value of a Shilling -- Numeracy, Financial Literacy, Earning an Honest Living & Related Ramblings With George Edward McCowan  (80 pages, over 50 illustrations)
This is Vol 3 #1&2 of The Scots of Scarborough 

Prices include postage & handling in Canada. If outside Canada, please email or phone us to get the additional postage costs.  Discounts available to retailers in volumes of ten or more per publication. Discount to schools is 20% regardless of volumes. Please make cheques payable to The James McCowan Memorial Social History Initiative.

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As a service to those who purchase one of the McCowan Initiative publications (other than Curling), we will reveal 5 original sources for historical passages of interest that appear on this web site.

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