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R.H. King Academy Commencement

Congratulations to all of the Scarborough scholars who received their awards, diplomas and scholarships at the Seventy-First Annual Commencement. On behalf of the descendants of Robert McCowan, Scarborough's Reeve between 1923 and 1925, my husband, Bruce, presented the Robert McCowan Scholarship to Jeff Liu. We wish Jeff and his colleagues all the best in their post-secondary studies and endeavours.

From The Scarboro Heights Record, V1 #4

Robert McCowan Scholarship
R.H. King Academy

The Robert McCowan Scholarship has been a Senior Math and Physics prize at R.H. King Academy since 1931.*

As you can imagine, the low interest rates over the past few years have meant very low interest income for trust funds such as the McCowan Scholarship. Luckily, the James McCowan Memorial Social History Society donated $85 to the McCowan Scholarship to keep the 1994 prize near its usual substantial value. This donation represents a portion of receipts from local sales of Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play, a book relating partly to Scarborough's heritage.

I had the pleasure of presenting the 1994 Robert McCowan Scholarship to Michael Fowler. I had a very pleasant chat with Michael and his parents following the Commencement Exercises last October. Good luck to you Michael!

From The Scarboro Heights Record, V3 #1


The Robert McCowan Scholarship has been administered by D.B. McCowan since 1986.