Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album
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The Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album is a touching tribute to parents. It is a fine document and, as time goes on, will be of increasing interst to those trying to recapture a time long past and too eaily fogotten

R. Alex Sim, author of Land and Community: Crisis in Canada's Countryside

This is an excellent anecdotal report of Canadian family life in the twentieth century. A very special tribute from three devoted offspring who planned, cajoled, persisted and ended up with a beautiful tribute by family, neighbours, friends and acquaintances.

Dorothy Milne, well-known Toronto area genealogist

The Scarboro Heights Record V10 #10


Thank you very much for the enthusiastic response to the "Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album Contest". From the sincerity and pleasantness of the many "Entries", we can safely say that this "Very Short Story Contest" was a resounding success. Indeed, every contribution was a winner!

As we had expected (and most appropriately we suppose!) the majority of the "stories" were about Mom or Dad or both. (Luckily, the Judges were almost completely spared!) We have decided to organize the Album according to the several themes that seemed to come through in the Entries:

  • Learning and Growing Up
  • Personality, Recreation and Fun
  • Relationships, Hospitality and Love
  • Commitment to Church and Community
  • Responsibility and Making Ends Meet

To those contestants whom we "pestered" over the phone, please accept our sincere apologies. Where we felt that there were gaps in the story that we wanted to tell, we added some of our own thoughts and memories.

The Bill and Nancy McCowan Fortieth Anniversary Album (48 pages) has been published by the Judges. As promised, we are very pleased to give copies of the Album free to all "contestants"!

The Old-Time Values

Mom and Dad have been loving parents. With marriage breakdown statistics reaching extraordinarily distressing levels, it is heartwarming to join in a celebration of forty years of togetherness. Their unfailing love for each other is rooted in the most enduring values of their forebears.

The McCowans and Weirs came to Canada on the same ship in 1833 from Lesmahagow Parish, Scotland. Little did the 19 year-old backwoods bachelors, Robert McCowan and James Weir, know that, 119 years later, two of their great grandchildren would wed and take up residence a stone's throw from "McCowan Road" in a thriving metropolis. Just as three generations of Weirs and McCowans had done before, Mom and Dad baptised their children in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Scarborough.

As illustrated in the following short accounts respecting Mom and Dad, the old McCowan and Weir values live on. Hospitality, unselfishness, honest toil, tolerance, fidelity, commitment to family, friends, church and community and respect for health, education, progress and property all come through in this sincere and truthful testimony of friends and relatives.


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Some Sample Excerpts

Bullying Scarborough School Section #5
Curling Canada Life Bonspiel
Discipline at Home Getting to Halbert School on time
Education A first homework assignment
Immigration From India
Landlords Building Maintenance
Learning at Home Smoking
St. Andrew's Church Subdivision development
Wartime Relationships Royal Canadian Air Force