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Scarboro Heights Record
McCowans' Who's Who

Annis Andrew Annis and Sarah Taylor and family
Golden Wedding Anniversary of Andrew Annis and Sarah Taylor
Ashbridge Hannah Ashbridge
Barns McCowan, 1908
Young / McCowan
Curling Silhouette
Farm Implements / Practices Massey Harris Field Day
Potato Pits
Levelling Scoop
Cutting Grain
Grain Prizes at CNE
Halbert Public School Grade 4 1954 (Peterson)
Square Dancing Class 1959
Grade 8 1961 (Hicks)
Graduates 1964
Sn. Girls Softball Champs 1966
Intermediate Band 1966
Graduates 1966
Intermediate Choir 1967
Orchestra 1967
Senior Boys Softball 1967
Grade 7 1967
Kindergarten, PM, 1967, Mrs. Cox
Grade 8 1971 (Room 3)
Road Hockey '60s Reunion
Houses Harold McCowan
Stephen Washington
Crone / Young
Maps Scarboro Heights
Miles, 1878
Municipal Scarboro Council, 1925
Scarborough's First Firehall, 1925
McCowan Harold McCowan, 1887-1963
Janet McCowan Fincham, 1952-1993
Robert McCowan, 1813-1886
Robert McCowan, 1855-1931
Roads McCowan Road, 1910
Kingston Road, 1913
Scarborough Bluffs The Dutch Churches
Scotland The Lowland Clearances
Sculpture Passage