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A Dear Childhood Friend

Janet McCowan was my neighbour and friend. She lived right across the street, McCowan Road. I remember her as a very down-to-earth type of person who was always kind and always there to help people, if needed. While she was one of the "girls", she liked to be the leader in any group situation. We enjoyed just hanging out and playing hide and go-seek and spud. In high school, she was my senior and someone that I often talked to about volleyball, a game we both loved. Janet was also a great pitcher on the baseball team that myself and my sister Norma were on. This team was run by Mr. Cook, whose family lived behind us. This time, as team-mates, is my most memorable. We shared a lot of laughs together and probably some tears. Janet was competitive but always considerate of others. In later years, our paths crossed again in Whitby. I remember our conversation being as comfortable as ever, even though years had passed. I will always remember her with a smile. Thanks for all the good times!

Your friend, Ruth Reynolds (Sturley)

From The Scarboro Heights Record V9 #5

Janet attended H.A. Halbert Public School. For class and team photos, go to www.scarboroughrecord.com -- click on the Halbert Reunion link. Neigh the Front: Exploring Scarboro Heights was dedicated in her memory.

"Neigh the Front" is structured and organized as a resource to assist students, ages 10-18, with their Scarborough Community Studies -- all the while telling the rich and varied history of Scarboro Heights. We are certain that you will be pleased with this publication which was released at the H.A. Halbert Reunion on June 16 2001. H.A. Halbert was given eighteen free copies of Neigh the Front.

The price of "Neigh the Front" is $17.00 per copy (includes postage and handling). Please go to this page to order.

If you can identify any of the students in these photographs, please email us at the address on the contacts page.

Grade 4 1954 (Peterson) Square Dancing Class 1959
Grade 8 1961 (Hicks) Graduates 1964
Sn. Girls Softball Champs 1966 Intermediate Band 1966
Graduates 1966 Intermediate Choir 1967
Orchestra 1967 Senior Boys Softball 1967
Grade 7 1967 Kindergarten, PM, 1967, Mrs. Cox
Grade 8 1971 (Room 3)

The Scarboro Heights Record V9 #2
The McCowans' Who's Who Vol. 10

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