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Washington United Church
3739 Kingston Road

Washington United Church is celebrating their 200th Anniversary in 2003. Events include:

  • Jan. 19 2003: 1200 noon: Brunch at the Old Stone Cottage (The historic Jeremiah Annis House)
  • May 11, 10:30 am: Special Church Service -- a tribute to the Annis family, donors of the land, and other founding families of the congregation
  • Sat. Sept. 20 2 pm: Pork BBQ and the Pioneers' Kingston Road Historic Walk: Following the old route blazed by the Annis brothers over 200 years ago and finishing up at Washington United Church, 3739 Kingston Rd. For starting point and other details call Ken at 416-261-7888 or Bruce 416-447-4895. The historic walk is the fourth led by Bruce and Bea McCowan. More details of the walk on this page.
  • Sun. October 19: 7:30 pm. A service of worship celebrating Washington in the Community
  • Sat. Nov. 22, 6:00 pm: Official Anniversary Weekend begins. Dinner at Q-ssis Banquet Hall, 3474 Kingston Rd. Entertainment by Mary Lou Fallis and Dave Murrell.
  • Sun. Nov. 23, 10:30 am: The speaker at the 200th Anniversary Worship Service will be the former Moderator of the United Church of Canada, the Very Reverend Stan McKay.

For information on the above events, please call Ken, 416-261-7888.

Please stand by for more detailed information and history of the Church on this web site.

The Scarboro Heights Record V10 #12


   Founder of Washington United Church
Stephen Washington


holmcrst.jpg (19307 bytes)


The 1830 Home of Stephen Washington
Founder of Washington United Church

This portrait, taken in about 1900, is of the Robert McCowan family. The McCowans had purchased the Washington farm in 1853. Part of this house was bricked over by Ashley McCowan in 1917. The still-standing (2005) brick farmhouse could be declared a historic site for it's "underlying" connection with Stephen Washington, a leading reformer in Scarborough. There is some interesting archaeological potential on the property. We hope that the Ashley McCowan farmhouse will be preserved as a testament to our agricultural heritage. By way of contrast, oak woodwork and bricks were saved from the now-demolished 1917 Robert McCowan farmhouse (3086 Kingston Road) just around the corner from the site shown above.

Stephen Washington's son recorded the family's early years on the north side of Kingston Road beside what is now called McCowan Road.

...When we arrived at York we decided to remain there until we had purchased a farm, so we rented a two-storey brick house on King St., about where Parliament St. is now, and the forest -- a thick second growth pine forest -- came within four rods of the street. We could at that time buy 100 acres in that part of the city for less per acre than we paid for our farm. Father went into several townships north of the town in search of a farm. Then he went east to the township of Scarborough where he made a purchase 10 miles east on the Kingston Road.

There were some improvements on the place and some buildings but of little value. He paid $7.50 per acre. At the north part of the lot was built the old Scarboro station. It was splendid land -- we raised great crops of wheat, 40 bushels to the acre. We had one year from a little less than four acres about 1,700 bushels of potatoes, which we sold for $600. The Government buildings were there [in York] besides a large number of soldiers and officers. We had a contract to supply them with nearly everything we raised. As we had not room for all of us on the homestead we decided to get some more land. We learned that in the Township of Darlington there was a large quantity of unsettled land of excellent quality; so in 1832 my father, brother Anthony and myself came in search of 200 acres...

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