Road Hockey 60s Reunion
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McCowan Road Hockey '60s Reunion

Bluffs Monitor, June 2001

The H.A. Halbert 50th Anniversary Reunion will be held at the school, 31 McCowan Road, on Saturday June 16 from 1 to 4 PM.

Originally scheduled for May 5, the postponement was necessitated by the recent labour dispute. This didn't prevent 5 former students -- (L-R) Bruce McCowan, Tom Hamilton, Steve Falkner, David Harper, Ray Hardiment -- from reliving their early '60s road hockey games on McCowan Road (of all places) right at the end of the school driveway. Tom had come all the way from France for the May 5th reunion date. Although disappointed that he couldn't have a look inside his old school, he was pleased with this one last opportunity to lob the tennis ball onto the school roof -- while he still can! Halbert class photos and stories are at Information about a forthcoming history of the Halbert area is available from and 416-447-4895.