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Golden Wedding Anniversary of
Andrew Annis and Sarah Taylor
Port Union, Scarboro

In the picture are:
Mrs. Jim Taylor, Sarah Chester Knowles, Edwin Annis, Havelock Annis, Andrew Chester, Olive Annis, Mr. Beer, David Purdie, Alex Thom, Nellie Thom, Tom Armstrong
Mrs. Beer, Margaret Chester Lewis, Mrs. Gary Annis, Ethel Chester, Annie Brander, Cynthia Thom, Jenny Purdie, Ruth Annis, Maude Chester, Art Chester, Will Annis
Sarah Taylor Annis, Andrew Annis, Will Taylor, Margaret Chester Annis, Will Thom, Ivan Annis, Blake Annis, Hazel Annis, Ethel Armstrong, Myrtle Armstrong, Cecil Annis, Elva Annis


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Family of
Andrew Annis and Sarah Taylor
Port Union, Scarboro

Standing: Levi Garry, Cynthia Thom, Fanny Pherrill
Seated: David, Arthur, Andrew, Sarah Taylor Annis, Emily Chester, William
Kneeling: Letitia Armstrong, Nellie Purdie

These photographs had been proudly displayed in her home by Jennie Purdie McCowan, Nellie's only child.
The Scarboro Heights Record
V11 #9