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If you can identify any of the students in these photographs, please email me at bea@beamccowan.com.

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Back: Steve Kate, Peter Dibble, Guy Robinson, Jeff Mitchell, Steve Hurst, Chris Beetle, Brian Gibbs

Third: Brian Parsons, Diane Carty, Debbie Paulette, Neil Booker, Arlene Jenky, _______, John Poole,       Williams

Second: Mr. Butler, Anne McCormick, Jan Fordham, Cathy Jarman, ________, Robyn Waugh, Jane Wilkinson, Carol Bergerson, Marg Narroway, Mr. Howes

Front Row: Jean Boyd, Liz Horne, Donna Cottingham, Susan Halliday, Cindy Cooper, Debbie Shaw, Donna Wainwright, Darlene Harding, Jane Patterson