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One component of this web site is "People".  This page includes additional biographical material on various McCowans and others who have made notable contributions to their respective communities. Refer also to our Subject Index and to "New This Month".

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Eric Lanning Happy 90th Birthday to the compiler of "McCowans of British Guiana" 12
Alexander McCowan Founder of the milk marketing movement in Ontario 10
Andrew McCowan Farm Improvement (To Sustene the Personis) 3
Andrew McCowan McCowan's Highland Toffee
Lord Justice Sir Anthony McCowan Pillar of the English legal system 12
Archibald McCowan Inspector of the Poor 10
Bill and Nancy McCowan 48 page publication
Dan McCowan A Canadian Naturalist 7
David A. McCowan, 1898-1983 Inventor of the "Phototeria" (In Fairs and Frolics)

David McCowan Entrepreneur in Trinidad 9
David McCowan, LL.D. Insurance Executive, Generous Philanthropist 4, 7, 8
Sir David McCowan Man of Steadying Influence 6
David McCowan Public Service on the Prairies 5
George McCowan Hollywood Director of Charlie's Angels... 5
Hugh McCowan, 1841-1908 Leading Winnipeg Architect 11
James McCowan, 1773-1834 Outline for a Historical Drama; Bibliography 8
Janet McCowan Fincham, 1952-93 Community Studies Program 10
Jean McCowan Hill Church worker 4
John McCowan Lamenting a lost son in America 9
John McCowan He could have rivalled Einstein 13
John Roche McCowen A Canadian law enforcement hero 11
Mac MacCowan Mac's Redemption 12
Marion Thomson McCowan A tribute 4
Joseph M. McCowan First Mayor of Pitman, NJ 8
Robert McCowan Canadian Aviation Pioneer 2
Robert McCowan Renting Doris McCarthy Property (Photo) 5
Robert McCowan Banker in Strathaven 8
Robert McCowan Chartered Accountant and Stockbroker 7
Robert Thomas Packwood McCowan Chemist in Paisley 14
William McCowan Radial Car Accident 11
John McCrae Author of "In Flanders Fields" 11
The McCowans of Argyleshire 11
The McCowans of Perthshire 12
The McCowans of 18th Century Cumnock Progressive tenants leading the way to agricultural change (To Sustene the Personis) 3
The Last McCowan Farmers in Cumnock The end of an era 9
The Weavers The "hot jobs" of 1790-1810 10
The Labourers and Carriers Tenants in Transition -- Agricultural Revolution 11
The Tenant Farmers Leading farmers on the Estate 12
The Millwrights Engineers of the Industrial Revolution 13
The Coalminers Fueling the Industrial Revolution 13
The Capitalists Entrepreneurs and Professionals 5
Clark Young 1983 inductee into the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame 2
Farmers in Canada Back to the Land 2


John McCowan, Scientist

We are presently looking for information regarding John McCowan, B.Sc. 1883; M.A 1886; D.Sc. 1892. In the 1890s John McCowan published several very important papers on wave theory. He was a grandson of John McCowan, tailor, of Bridge of Allan, Scotland.

It is interesting that Bridge of Allan was known for its mineral waters. People came to the Bridge of Allan "baths" from all over Britain to be healed of various ailments. His grandparents earned income by lodging these tourists. Perhaps young John McCowan's interest in the nature of water (and waves) was due to his upbringing near these healing waters at Bridge of Allan.