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This section will focus on heroes of the food supply chain -- farmers, nutritionists, bankers, advocates and others who have done exemplary work in this field.

Here is the first instalment.


The Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame
In Recognition of Service to

Ontario Agriculture

Clark Young

Clark Young was a lifelong exponent of good farming practices, using his Markham farm as a demonstration. An expert plowman, he trained many young people in this fundamental farming skill. One of the founders of the Ontario Plowmen’s Association, he was the treasurer for 41 years. He was also active in the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, being its second president. For his work with quality seed production, the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association gave him their prestigious Robertson Associate Award.

He was a winner every year for 28 years in the field crop competitions of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In 1935, his farm won the York County Better Farm Competition. Yet he still found time to be an active member of his community in church and service clubs.

A man who preferred to work "behind the scenes", his contribution to better farming in Ontario was through his example, his coaching and his dedication to good cultivation.

Sponsored by Ontario Plowmen’s Association

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #7
The McCowans' Who's Who, Vol. 2


Sudden Death of
Mr. Robert McCowan, Strathaven

On Tuesday, the relatives here [Cumnock, Ayrshire] of Mr. Robert McCowan, banker, Strathaven, received notice of his sudden death. The sad event took place in a hotel in Cardiff while, as a member of the Caledonian Bowlers, he was on a bowling tour in Wales. Mr. McCowan was a son of the late Mr. John McCowan, auctioneer, Hartfield, Cumnock, and brother of Mrs. William Hill of that address. He received his early education in the Parish School here under the late Mr. David L. Scott, after which he entered the local branch of the Bank of Scotland, under the late Mr. Hugh McLellan. In due time, he was a member of the head office staff of that bank in Glasgow, and from there in 1883 he was appointed as joint agent at Strathaven. On the death of his colleague, Mr. Thomas Tennant, he became agent, the duties of which he discharged most acceptably until he resigned fifteen years ago.

During his long residence in Strathaven, Mr. McCowan took a very active part in its life, and was one of the supporters of the great movement which has resulted in making Stra'ven the popular summer resort... Among his many local appointments... Chairman... Gas Company... Lanarkshire County Rates, a duty he discharged right up till his death.

During his years of activity, he took a special interest in the agricultural affairs of the district, being recognised as a friend of the farmers in all their business affairs, and it was largely due to his energy that the district cattle show attained its popularity. He was an enthusiastic member of the Caledonian Bowling Association, and, as stated above, it was while on tour with that body that his death took place.

He was possessed of an exceptionally fine personality which made him highly respected and his cheery and kindly presence will be greatly missed by a very large circle of personal and commercial friends.

Mr. McCowan always maintained a very close assocation with his native town. Up till his appointment at Strathaven he was a regular weekend visitor to his home, and even then he kept up his visits whenever he could find the time, and after his retiral he frequently motored over. For a good number of years his sister, Mrs. James Breckenridge, resided with him and was spending the days here with Mrs. Hill until his return from the bowling tour. Much sympathy is felt for her and for other relatives at their sudden loss. Mr. McCowan, who never married, was approaching his three score and ten years. His remains were laid to rest here.

The Scarboro Heights Record V12 #2
The McCowans' Who's Who, Vol. 8


Founding Members of
The Scarborough Agricultural Society

The Scarborough Agricultural Society was instituted on January 1 1844 with the following membership: William Crone (elected President); J.P. Wheeler (Vice President); Stephen Closson (Secretary); Thomas Brown (Treasurer); John Torrance; Archibald Malcolm; John Lee; William Mason; Martin Snider; Joshua Sisley; Arch Glendinning; John Stobo; R.D. Hamilto; Joseph Armstrong; W.H. Norris; William Armstrong; Isaac Chester; George Scott; William March; Thomas Smith; Robert Reid; Rev. James George; John Rogers; Thomas Paterson; James Finlay; James Palmer; Edward Cornell; George Weir; James A. Thomson; James McCowan; James Patton; Alexander Neilson; George Monkman; Stephen Washington; Nicholas Richardson; Jonathon Gates; George Bambridge; John Gibson; Joseph Johnson; Francis Muir; William Devenish; David Marshall; Charles Cornell; William Fitzpatrick; David Brown; Thomas Jacques; Henry Howell; Alexander Bederact; Thomas Paterson; James Carnaghan; Barbara Berwick; Thomas Whiteside; James Lawrie; Benjamin Johnson; George W. Post; Ed Whitefield; Thomas Young; Thomas Davidson; John Holmes; William Clark; Robert Sellers; James Davidson; William Weir; Robert McCowan; John Ferguson; William Paterson; George Auburn; Allan McLean; W.D. Thomson; William Hood; James Harley.

The Scarboro Heights Record V13 #1