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Perthshire in central Scotland was the most widely populated county in terms of McCowans. It appears that this group of McCowans was much larger than the groups in Argyle and Ayrshire. Although concentrated in Comrie and Crieff, the McCowans of Perth also lived in several other Parishes in the County. Often preferring the spelling, McOwan, they seem to have historic links with the Campbells through the McEwans and McDougals. And so, a connection with the McCowans of Argyle is quite possible.

Confectioner Andrew McCowan, scientist John McCowan and Canadian naturalist Dan McCowan were Perthshire McCowans.

We'll be happy to put your Perthshire McCowan story on this page.

Here's an intro to an intriguing investigation into a long-lost industry and community to which some Perth McCowans belonged.

I am presently researching the following families that came from settlements, now deserted, that were located in Glen Lednock, Comrie, Perthshire.

ANDERSON, CAMERON, CAMPBELL, CARMICHAEL, COMRIE, DRUMMOND (or McGREGOR), FERGUSON (or FERGUSSON), McAINSH, McCOWAN (or McKOWAN, McOWAN), McEWEN (OR McEWAN, McUEN) McGREGOR, McINTYRE, McLAREN, McNAB, MILLER, MORRISON (or MORISON), STALKER, TAYLOR and a few other families from the deserted settlements of Balmenoch, Balmuik, Balnacoul, Balnadalloch, Biocher, Carroglen, Coishevachan, Corrie, Croftwhannel, Daden, Fintalich, Glaslarich, Glenmuik, Innergeldie Kingarth, Kingarthmore, Lurg, Tighnacroy and Tighnasithe that were in Glen Lednock located 2 to 5 miles above the village of Comrie, near Crieff. There was an old droving trail from Loch Tay to Crieff and at one time there were over 800 families living in about 23 settlements in this glen. The time period ranges from 1693 to 1845. Please note that there are variations in spellings of the male surnames and of the settlement names.

Please contact me via email:

Terris 'Terry' C. Howard

Best wishes for this project.

The McCowans' Who's Who, Vol. 12