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Selected Bibliography for
Socio-Economic History of

Upper Canada / Ontario

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James McCowan of Scarborough
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Printed Sources of a Primary Nature

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Patriot and Farmer's Monitor.

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Printed Sources of a Secondary Nature

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Manuscripts and Other Records

Gemmill Papers, TD 293/1, Strathclyde Regional Archives.

Robert H. Martin Collection.

Extracts from the Letters of Ruth McCowan and John Heron, 1916-1919, in "The James McCowan Family from 1833" and Scarborough Historical Notes and Comments, Vol. 13, No. 1. Transcribed and edited by Margaret Heron Carr.

Diary of Alexander McCowan, 1892.

D.A. McCowan Collection.

George McCowan Collection.

Clark Young Collection.

Diary of John Young.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Scarborough: St. Andrew's Young People's Society, Minutes, 1901-09, and many other records.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Scarborough. Of particular interest are child mortality statistics.

Jean Ormerod Thomson Collection.

Janet Purdie McCowan Collection.

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #6