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Scarborough in Print

In this section I will provide some detail about other books that further our understanding of the peoples of Scarborough. Please follow the above links. Here's one book that was germinated by the McCowan Society.

The Scots Kirk
An Oral History of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

By Andrew Chadwick, Bruce McCowan and Nancy McCowan

"The Scots Kirk" is a superb piece of work. The team that assembled this history has created a treasure. Future members of St. Andrew's will be forever in their debt. Having spent all my working life in the writing business, I have more than a little appreciation of the work, care and love that went into this. I thought the writing was especially crisp, interesting and lively -- something that's so often missing in most humourless histories. Equally impressive are the photographs -- what an incredible collection. The legacy the authors have created will grow in value as the years pass -- too bad more churches and community groups don't do something like this.

George Beatty, Markham


... As one can imagine, enough material was assembled to prepare several large volumes. Decisions on what to exclude from the finished product proved very difficult to make. Perhaps in the future supplements could be published so that gaps in the St. Andrew's story will, over time, be at least partially filled. Of course, a final chapter can never be written. The legacy that has been left by the thousands who have made St. Andrew's Scarborough one of Ontario's longest-living Scottish social institutions will be interpreted and re-interpreted for as long as people care about people.

From the Introduction by Bruce McCowan, Co-Chairman, James McCowan Memorial Social History Society


The McCowan Society contributed financially to "The Toronto Maps Project" which directly led to the publication of Street Railways: Toronto, 1861-1930. The McCowan Society is distributing this 32 page illustrated booklet. Please place an order.


Ambitions of a Farm Boy
From Simcoe County
Memoirs of Dalton Crawford Smyth

Oral history is one of the most under-used tools that we have for shaping our future. In recording some of the highlights of his career and many of the more ordinary things that he did in life, Crawford Smyth has given oral history a real boost as a heritage learning resource. His unpretentious style of reporting his public service achievements and disappointments will encourage others to organize their recollections on paper. Crawford's risk-taking on behalf of the people of Scarborough makes one want to rush out to invent a cause and force an issue. This autobiography exposes an unrelenting and tireless community builder who could only be predicted to do the gutsiest thing of all -- to publish his memoirs himself.

D.B. McCowan
James McCowan Memorial Social History Society

The Scarboro Heights Record V12 #3


A short biography of scientist John McCowan appears in Hydraulicians in Europe, 1800-2000. This biographical dictionary of leaders in hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics was a labour of love for Professor Willi Hager. To order, please go to or contact the IAHR Secretariat at, phone 34 91 335 7919.

The Scarboro Heights Record V12 #3