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James McCowan of Scarborough
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James McCowan Papers & Library


Printed Sources of a Primary Nature

William Aiton, General View of the Agriculture of the County of Ayr With Observations on the Means of Its Improvements, 1811

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, The Presbytery of Ayr, 1581-1981, 1981.

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, Collins' Clear-Type Press.

R.H. Campbell, J.B. Dow, Source Book of Scottish Economic & Social History.

Clydesdale Journal, Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

The Diary of the Reverend William A.H. Cowan, Edited by Elizabeth B. Gordon, Pentland Press

William Fraser, The Douglas Book, 1885, Vol. 4

General View of the Agriculture of the County of Ayr with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement Drawn up for the Consideration of The Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvements, Col. Fullarton of Fullarton, Edinburgh, MDCCXCIII [1793], To Sir John Sinclair, Bart., Pres. of Board of Agriculture

John Galt, Annals Of The Parish: Or the Chronicle of Dalmailing During the Ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder, Oxford University Press, 1967 edition.

J.B. Greenshields, Annals of the Parish of Lesmahagow, The Caledonian Press, 1864, including extracts from the records of the Kirk Session and Lanark Presbytery and the entire extant 1695 Poll Tax Record.

James Hamilton, Jimmie's Life in Coalburn, 1978.

James Hamilton, Jimmie's Life in Coalburn (Booklet II, 1914-1923).

J. Hamilton, Coalburn Chronicles.

Autobiography of John Macoun, Canadian Explorer and Naturalist, 1831-1920, Ottawa Field-Naturalist's Club, 1979, Second Edition.

Scrapbook kept by John McCowan Hill (1881-1969), Cumnock, Ayrshire, private collection.

Historical Manuscripts Commission, Manuscripts of The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, Preserved at Drumlanrig Castle, 1897, Vol. 1 and II.

The Laird of Logan or Anecdotes and Tales Illustrative of the Wit and Humour of Scotland, New Edition with Additions, 1868.

James Paterson, History of the County of Ayr, Vol. 1, (c 1825)

Rev. Henry Paton, The Clan Campbell, 1917 

Records and Charters of the Royal Burgh of Lanark, 1150-1722, 1893.

The Letters of Robert Burns, J. DeLancey Ferguson, Second Edition Edited by G. Ross Roy, Volumes I-II, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1985.

Scottish History Society, Scottish Population Statistics Including Webster's Analysis of Population, 1755, (1952)

Scottish History Society, Fifth Series, Volume 2, 1989, Letters of George Lockhart of Carnwath.

Scottish History Society, Third Series, Volume XXXIII, Miscellany, 1939, Memories of Ayrshire by Rev. John Mitchell, 1768-1844.

Scottish History Society, Third Series, Vol. XXXIX, Monymusk Papers, 1713-1755, 1945.

Scottish History Society, Third Series, Vol. XXVIII, Ayr Burgh Accounts, 1534-1624

Scottish History Society, Third Series, Vol. XVII, Minutes of the Justices of the Peace For Lanarkshire, 1707-1723, 1931.

Scottish Record Office, The Coalminers, 1983.

Scottish Record Society, Commissariot Record of Lanark, Register of Testaments, 1595-1800.

Scottish Record Society, Directory of Landownership in Scotland, c1770, 1976.

Scottish Record Society, The Protocol Book of Gavin Ros, 1907.

The Statistical Account of Scotland, 1791-1799: Volume VI, Ayrshire, New Introduction by John Strawhorn, Reissue by EP Publishing Ltd., 1982.

The Statistical Account of Scotland, 1791-1799: Volume VII, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire, New Introduction by J.B.S. Gilfillan, Reissue by EP Publ Ltd, 1973.

Note: In McCowan Society publications, "OSA" is the abbreviation for these "Old" Statistical Accounts. Page numbers for the OSA refer to the EP Publ reprints.

The New Statistical Account of Scotland, Volume VI: Lanark, William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1845.

Henry Stephens, Book of the Farm, originally published in 1844 (for the illustrations in When the Ground Fails).


Printed Sources of a Secondary Nature

Percy W.L. Adams, A History of the Douglas Family of Morton in Nithsdale, The Sidney Press, 1921.

J. Avigdor, Rebuked and Absolved: Speculations on the Early Life of James McCowan, unpublished manuscript.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, The Cumnock Pottery, G. Quail, 1993.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, V14, #8, The People of Sixteenth Century Ayrshire, Margaret H.B. Sanderson.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, V11, #5, Mauchline Account Books of Melrose Abbey, 1527-28, Margaret H.B. Sanderson.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1975, Ayrshire, the Story of a County, Dr. John Strawhorn.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, V. 8, Ayrshire's Changing Population, Dr. John Strawhorn.

Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 2nd Series V. 8, Ayrshire Landed Estates in the 19th Century, J. T. Ward.

James Brown, The History of Sanquhar, 1891.

Cumnock Academy, Land Use: Farming in Ayrshire, 1630-1999, an excellent paper by students of Cumnock Academy -- Donna C. Torrance, Carolynn J. Bain, Mercy C. Hodge, Lynn E.M. Smith and Donna M. Campbell.

David Daiches, Robert Burns, Andre Deutsch, 1966.

T.M. Devine, "Social Stability in the Eastern Lowlands of Scotland During the Agricultural Revolution, 1780-1840" in Lairds and Improvement in the Scotland of the Enlightenment, Ed. T.M. Devine, 1978.

Ed. T.M. Devine, Farm Servants and Labour in Lowland Scotland, 1770-1914, John Donald, 1984.

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William Murray Gloag and Robert Candlish Henderson, Introduction to the Law of Scotland, Edinburgh, W. Green and Son Ltd., 1927.

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I. Marshall, A Field Survey at Coalburn, Lanarkshire, Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists, 1990.

D.B. McCowan, McCowans of Cumnock, Lesmahagow & Scarborough, 1985

D.B. McCowan, John Torrance of Lanarkshire, Scarborough Historical Notes and Comments, November, 1987.

D.B. McCowan, A Man and His Home: William Porteous McCowan, 1820-1902, Scarborough Historical Notes and Comments, 1988.

D.B. McCowan, Immigration from Lanarkshire and Dumfriesshire, 1797-1850, Scarborough Historical Notes and Comments, 1988.

D.B. McCowan, Coalmining at Auchanbeg, Lesmahagow, 1700-1922, The Scottish Genealogist, March, 1990.

D.B. McCowan, Land, Capitalism and James McCowan in Scotland, Unpublished Manuscript, 1991.

D.B. McCowan, Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play, James McCowan Memorial Social History Society, 1993.

D.B. McCowan, To Sustene the Personis: The Agricultural Revolution, James McCowan Memorial Social History Society, 1994.

D.B. McCowan, When the Ground Fails: An Economic Watershed, James McCowan Memorial Social History Society, 1996.

D.B. McCowan, Draft Paper, How the Works is Going: A Preview of the Physical Remains at Auchanbeg, Lesmahagow, In Advance of the Dalquhandy Opencast, 1989, October, 1989.

D.J. McLaren, David Dale of New Lanark, Heatherbank Press, 1983.

Norman Murray, The Scottish Hand Loom Weavers, 1790-1850: A Social History, John Donald, 1978.

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M.L. Parry and T.R. Slater, The Making of the Scottish Countryside, Croom Helm and McGill-Queen's University Press, 1980.

George H. Paton, Checklist of Books, Publications and Maps Relating to the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, Lanark, 1972.

M. Perceval-Maxwell, The Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of James I, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973.

Charles Rampini, A History of Moray and Nairn, William Blackwood and Sons, 1897.

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A.D. Robertson, Lanark: The Burgh and Its Councils, 1469-1880, Lanark Town Council, 1974.

Margaret H.B. Sanderson, Scottish Rural Society in the Sixteenth Century, John Donald, 1982.

T.C. Smout, A History of the Scottish People, 1560-1830, Fontana / Collins, Fourth Impression 1977.

John Strawhorn, The New History of Cumnock, 1966, published on behalf of the Town Council of Cumnock by the late Mr. R.D. Hunter, M.B.E., Town Clerk and great-grandson of Cumnock's second Provost, John McCowan.

J.A. Symon, Scottish Farming, Past and Present, Oliver and Boyd, 1959.

Lillian de la Torre, The Heir of Douglas, Being a New Solution to the Old Mystery of the Douglas Cause...

Rev. John Warrick, The History of Old Cumnock, Alexander Gardner, 1899.

Ian Whyte, Agriculture and Society in Seventeenth Century Scotland, John Donald Publishers Ltd., 1979.

Virginia Wills, "The Gentleman Farmer and the Annexed Estates" in Lairds and Improvement in the Scotland of the Enlightenment, Ed. T.M. Devine, 1978.


Manuscripts and Other Records

Scottish Record Office:

CC9/7/9, Testament and Inventory of John McCowane, Quhythill, Parish of Cumnock, 1614, and other Testaments from the Commissariot of Glasgow.

CC 14/5/15, Captain William Vere [Weir] of Stonebyres, Testament and Inventory, February 27, 1712

CC 14/5/18, Testament Dative and Inventary of James Whyte of Stockbridge, 1756

Old Parish Registers of Baptisms, Births, Deaths and Marriages for Old Cumnock, New Cumnock, Ochiltree and Lesmahagow. Research with the original registers by B. McCowan, 1974

GD39/6/1, "Tack The Earle of Glencairn To Andrew McCowan" for the mill and lands of Burnockmiln and Hillhead, 1751

CH 2/81/2, Kirk Session Minutes of Old Cumnock Parish Church, Ayrshire, Kyle and Carrick District Library, Ayr.

SC6/7/9/1, Cumnock Regality Court records.


Scottish Record Office, Court of Session Records:

Ref. No. 29/75, January 10 1745, Petition of John Weir of Johnshill

Ref. No. 497/84, February 24 1817, Petition of Mrs. Janet Corbet

Ref. No. 117/32, June 11 1753, Petition of David Wight


Papers relating to the "Sequestrated Estate of Stockbriggs", Lesmahagow (Scottish Record Office: Court of Session Records):

CS96/1224: "Charges affecting the Proceeds of the Estate Generally: General Expences of Management, Law Charges and Factor Fee: Travelling and Other Expences" (1818-1819).

CS229/S/15/50, "Account of Various Expences ... 24 June 1817 and ending 31 May 1818", Dec. 9, 1817.

CS229/S/15/50, "State of Accompts... Crop and Year 1817", p. 8, April 1, 1818.


Dumfries House Papers with thanks to the Late Marquess of Bute:

Various Tacks (leases), receipts and accounts

Roup of the farms of Clocklochar and Pluck, 1768, (Bundle A372)

Henry Robertson Report, July 22, 1745 (Bundle A697)

William Logan Report, 1754 (Bundle A697)

Estimate for a Water Engine, February, 1767 (Bundle A698)

Memorandum by William Logan and Answers thereto, Dec. 5, 1754.

"Schemes for the Improvement of Lord Dumfries' farm and Estate for 4 or 5 years successively", 1774 (Bundle A372)

Box 19 1797 "acct of work done at Garlaff Coalwork"


Strathclyde Regional Archives, Scott Family Records:

ATD 61/6/4/19, Instrument of Sasine in Favour of William McCowan in Caponacre, 4 Aug. 1825.

TD 37/29, "Memorial for Allan Scott", settlement of family estate, 1791.

TD 37/45, "Memorial for Andrew Scott of Kenmure...", August 7 1804.


Strathclyde Regional Archives

T-MR/245, Trust of Robert McCowan, chartered accountant and sharebroker in Glasgow, 1874-1881 


Lesmahagow Parish Historical Association:

Rev. Thomas Linning, "List of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Lesmahagow Eight Years Old and Upwards", 1783

The Lesmahagow Farmers' Club Minute Book, 1803 to 1824

Lesmahagow Census, 1821


James McCowan Papers & Library

Letters to James McCowan in Auchanbeg from friends and relatives
-Dec. 6, 1800 from David McCowan, re sailing to Trinidad
-October 1, 1819 from John Black, re funeral of James' mentor, James Whiteford
-July 1, 1820 from David McCowan re his creditors (there are half a dozen or so other letters from him)
-Aug. 31, 1804 from Mr. Stodhart, James' brother-in-law re the death of James' first wife

Other Papers and Letters
-Articles of Lease of the Farms on the Estate of Stockbriggs, ca 1830
-Petition for the Sequestration (bankruptcy) of James McCowan, Feb. 11 1831
-Inventory of James McCowan's property, Feb. 11 1831
-Letter by James McCowan, Springbank, Scarborough, Aug. 20 1834 (includes account of cholera in the household)
-James McCowan's account book, 1817-1831
-Personal libraries of James McCowan and William P. McCowan
-several large collections from the Court of Session, Edinburgh, Scotland



"Account of the Glendinnings in Cassock, Eskdalemuir".

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #6