Food Poisoning
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News from Audley, Pickering Township
ca 1908

A very sad occurrence resulting in the death of one of our most highly esteemed farmers took place last Friday. Poison by some lamentable mistake got into the porridge for the breakfast of the Westney family. All who partook of it were taken sick but all efforts to save Mr. Westney were fruitless and he passed away at 12:30. The other members have recovered.

The funeral conducted by Rev. Mr. Carpenter and Rev. Mr. McGregor took place on Sunday to St. Margaret's cemetery Scarboro followed by a large number of sympathizing friends and relatives. An inquest is being conducted by Coroner Bateman to find out if possible the exact nature and cause of the poison.

Deceased was a very highly respected man and came from Scarboro some 15 years ago having purchased the Elliott farm here. He was a brother of the Rev. Wm. Westney, Anglican Clergyman of Allandale, and also of Henry Westney, a prominent farmer of Scarboro. Three children, William, Alice and Frank and his wife survive him, the eldest son being 19 years old.

Since coming here, Mr. W. had won many friends and all esteemed him for his sterling good character, his good farming and genial companionship. His great delight was in experimental farm work and having all things done exactly and according to the best rules. His farm, therefore, was being placed in good shape. He was preparing to erect a new barn also, the stonework being already done.

He also took an active part in school affairs, being trustee of No. 5 for the past ten years. The neighborhood all extend their sympathy to the bereaved ones. The loss to the vicinity came so suddenly that the shocked community have hardly as yet recovered themselves.

Newsclipping in the Fanny Annis Pherrill Scrapbook

From The Scarboro Heights Record V9 #6