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Fundraiser for the
Janet McCowan Fincham Memorial
Scarborough Community Studies Program

A large** portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Neigh the Front -- Exploring Scarboro Heights" will be donated to the Janet McCowan Fincham Memorial Scarborough Community Studies Program. This program (as well as the Robert McCowan Scholarship at R.H. King Academy) will be administered by the James McCowan Memorial Social History Society (

In addition, we hope to raise funds for the Janet McCowan program through "sponsorship of Halbert class / group photographs" as published in "Neigh the Front" and on this web site. "Neigh the Front"  was dedicated to the memory of Janet.

We hope to find sponsors, at $100.00 each, for the Halbert photographs listed at the bottom of this page.  (Some of these photographs are at -- click on the Halbert Reunion link.)

We would also be happy to publish on this web site other Halbert photographs at the same sponsorship rate. We expect that four people in each group photo would each contribute $25 to make a complete sponsorship. In this way, the total cost would be shared and the individual burden minimal. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a tax receipt. We trust that this initiative will meet with the approval of Janet's many friends and others who have shared the benefits of her Scarborough community.

"Neigh the Front" is structured and organized as a resource to assist students, ages 10-18, with their Scarborough Community Studies -- all the while telling the rich and varied history of Scarboro Heights. We are certain that you will be pleased with this publication which was released at the H.A. Halbert Reunion on June 16 2001.

The price of "Neigh the Front" is $17.00 per copy (includes postage and handling). (This is in addition to the cost of the photograph sponsorship.)

Please make cheque payable to "James McCowan Memorial Social History Society" and mail to James McCowan Society, c/o 19 Monarchwood Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M3A1H3. Please indicate the name of the sponsored photograph and enclose a very good copy of it (or a .jpg file) for publication on the web, together with names of the students.

**Note: H.A. Halbert School was given eighteen free copies of Neigh the Front for use in their own fundraising programs.

If you can identify any of the students in these photographs, please email me at

Grade 4 1954 (Peterson) Square Dancing Class 1959
Grade 8 1961 (Hicks) Graduates 1964
Sn. Girls Softball Champs 1966 Intermediate Band 1966
Graduates 1966 Intermediate Choir 1967
Orchestra 1967 Senior Boys Softball 1967
Grade 7 1967 Kindergarten, PM, 1967, Mrs. Cox
Grade 8 1971 (Room 3)