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Our social, economic and political institutions are vital to democracy and fairness in society.  Together they comprise an absolutely essential self-regulatory mechanism, advocacy vehicle and safety net in society.  We have not always had the benefit of the present multitude of institutions -- labour unions, tax-funded lobby groups, professional associations, credit unions and charitable organizations dedicated to particular worthy causes. 

Two centuries ago in Scotland, a few philanthropic landowners and the Church, with diminishing resources itself, provided the only social safety net -- and ineffective it was indeed. Some degree of famine was a regular occurrence.  The right to free assembly to discuss political and labour matters simply did not then exist.

To understand the evolution of our institutions to date is vital to our socio-economic progress in the future.


PS: Dec. 29/12

In Ontario, Bill 115 has the distinct potential to begin to unravel two centuries of progress.  All of the institutions that we have come to value so highly might be adversely affected.