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I was executor for Uncle Will and Aunt Lucy Annis and looked after the auction sale from her house in Whitby. The nice old dining room chairs, maybe a hundred years old now, were to be sold. Half a dozen Annis cousins came to me and said they wanted one of the chairs. No one seemed to want the whole set. "Leave it with me" I said. My cousin, Jenny Purdie and her husband Harold McCowan, were at the sale. (Jenny's mother, Nellie Annis, had died shortly after Jenny was born.) I arranged with Harold to buy the whole dining room set to be sure they stayed in the family. The price turned out to be $42 a chair and he took them all. But none of the cousins wanted to pay that much. So I arranged with the auctioneer to charge $10 each instead of the $42.

Blake Annis, June 15, 1981

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #9