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What Others Say About Bea McCowan's Real Estate Work

Just a note to say many thanks for being so kind and considerate. We will never forget you and we will pass the word along to different ones just how good you have been to us.

Most Sincerely
I.D., North York
July 1997


Thank you very much, Beatriz, for helping us find the perfect first home for our growing family. It is a lovely neighbourhood. You made sure that the school and shopping were very handy. Looking forward to our first backyard barbecue.

Yours truly
Walter and Sonia A.
May 1999


Deseamos agradecerle su gestion de Real Estate que culminara exitosamente en la compra de nuestra primera casa en Canada . Gracias por sus sugerencias, hoy recogemos con agrado el beneficio de ellas. Nuestros mejores deseos para el nuevo ano y nuestro deseo de saber que podemos contar con Ud. en nuestra futura operacion.

J.C., Scarborough
December 2000


What Others Say About the Web Site at

I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you that you've built a fantastic website!! Today I was a little bored and (while on the web) I entered the name of the street I grew up on in Scarborough, 'Fenwood Heights', and I found your web site! I'm amazed to know that my street was the first known site of human habitation in Metro Toronto, and that my best friend's house is near the site of a survey tower! I can't wait for the reference map, to pinpoint places exactly. Keep up the great work.

Paul D.


Most interested in your website......certainly brought back a lot of memories.... fabulous vintage photos....thanks again for the journey.

Paula S.


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoy your web site, especially the history of Scarborough Heights.

George C.


Your note on Massey Day is intriguing.  Every once in a while, I see a Massey-Ferguson at work here in Florida. It always gives me a thrill when I do.

Sasenarine P., formerly of Scarborough


The web site - it's fantastic! I opened it up yesterday to see what it was like and ended up in it for 2 hours! It brought back many memories. I have very many fond memories of Scarborough.

Don M.


Congratulations on an excellent web site. I will be purchasing your book in the next week or so and look forward to reading it... Just recently I have become interested in the history of Scarborough. Once again I congratulate you on the work you have put into your web site, and look forward to purchasing your book and reading it... Great book!!!! I finished it on the weekend, and found it to be very enjoyable.

Carl C.


From The Scarboro Heights Record V9 #7