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Scottish Diaspora Tapestry


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Short Introduction to This Web Site
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  • Community takes you to an array of  information on Public Service, Culture, Schools, Economics Nature and the history of Scarboro Heights. 
  • The Scarboro Heights Record is an on-line newsletter which I sponsor
  • The Educational Resources page is by The James McCowan Memorial Social History Society ( to provide a modest beginning to a community social studies resource for our schools.
  • McCowan Society publications respecting community are listed at Publications: Community Studies.
  • A list of humble yet noteworthy events over the centuries in Scarboro Heights is at Notable Events.
  • Historic Sites is a selection of some lost as well as some surviving historic sites in Scarboro Heights.
  • An assortment of useful web sites is at Links.
  • By the way, the image on this page is "The Dutch Churches", a famous formation on the Scarborough Bluffs. The Bluffs are a great natural wonder of the world. This watercolour is a treasured wedding gift from the late Mary McCowan Woodburn.


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From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #1


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