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At Scarboro Fare Fair 1994


Close to fifty prizes -- from apple paring machines to recipe books, to food baskets to restaurant gift certificates -- were awarded. But the winners had to find the answers to skill-testing questions in the take-home literature such as:

What are two of the best early measures for prevention of osteoporosis?

Eat a well-balanced diet rich in calcium and take part in physical activity.

How does Second Harvest deliver surplus perishable food to the hungry and needy?

In refrigerated trucks.

What organization certifies domestic gas ranges to Canadian safety standards?

CGA Approvals Inc. (Canadian Gas Association)


Some of the Fair prize winners were:

  • Jim Morrisey
  • Pat Sheehan
  • Charles Ritchie
  • N. O'Malley
  • Connie Cullen
  • Irene McQuestion
  • Norma Thomas
  • Helen Slocombe
  • Charlotte Holmes
  • Marian Primrose
  • Barb Parlette
  • Guy Parlette
  • Audrey Lee
  • Dorothy Brown
  • Tom Turner
  • Beatrice McDowall
  • Crawford Smyth
  • Helen Brazier
  • Bob Keith
  • Eleanor Keith
  • David Taylor
  • Tricia Puttock
  • Katherine Liao 
  • ... -- all of Scarborough -- and...
  • Janet Whitely, Markham
  • R. Blair, Richmond Hill
  • Darlene McCowan, North York
  • Marie Greigg, Toronto
  • Tanya Presunka, Bramalea
  • Ruth Dobslaw, Bramalea
  • Jeanne Keates, Oshawa
  • J. Woods.

John Caldwell of Scarborough was the winner of the draw for the grand prize, a Fiesta Barbecue. He and the other contestants for the grand prize had to find the answer to a skill-testing question in Fairs and Frolics: Scottish Communities at Work and Play:

"In the late nineteenth century, who was the hero of Scarboro Fair?"

The answer, found on page 25, is "Alexander McCowan", the long-time Secretary-Treasurer of the Scarboro Agricultural Society.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V4 #1