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Goodness knows, the news we hear every day is loaded with negativity -- car accidents, murders, robberies, job losses and so on.  We should take every possible opportunity to celebrate the good things and the good events around us.

One of the most obvious celebrations is the birthday of a family member.  But what about the birthday of the lonely widow down the street who was crossing guard for your children for so many years? Why not celebrate with her sometime?

How 'bout Anniversaries?  I don't just mean your own wedding anniversary.   The fiftieth anniversary of your school; the fifteenth anniversary of the launch of the local chapter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation; the two hundredth anniversary of your City; the one hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of the first local agricultural fair... are all sound reasons to celebrate.

We must celebrate good health, good community, good friends and family, our food security and a host of other things that we often take for granted. This page has links to a few of the celebrations with which I've been connected.