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Contracting to Learn the Trade
April 8, 1796

That the said James McMillan, with the special consent of his parents, becomes apprentice and servant to the said John Grier for the whole space of three years... during all which space of time he shall serve his foresaid master honestly and faithfully, and shall not absent himself from his master's work neither by day nor by night holy day nor week day, without liberty first asked and obtained; and for every day's absence without leave, he shall pay one shilling sterling or two days for one... And further, the said apprentice binds himself for the first three months, to give his said master the whole product arising from his work, and during the rest of his apprenticeship to allow his master fourpence of every shilling he shall earn.

And on the other part, the forementioned John Grier becomes bound to teach, learn and instruct the forementioned James McMillan in his whole art and trade of a weaver, and shall do the utmost of his power to make him knowing and expert therein, and shall not conceal any part thereof from him, so far as it be practised and said apprentice is capable to take up.

James Ranken, weaver in Cumnock, becomes cautioner and full obligant for and with John Grier for his implementing as above. Both parties bind and oblige themelves to implement the whole foresaid premises to each other, under the penalty of five pounds sterling to be paid by the party failing to the party observing or willing to observe.

In witness whereof these presents wrote upon this and the two preceding pages of stamper by Hugh Thomson, tanner in Cumnock, this eighth day of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety six years... Further, the foresaid John Grier, the master, binds himself to allow James McMillan, his apprentice, liberty to go to the night school two months each winter, and for every two pound of candle the apprentice shall use in his work, the master shall provide him in a third.

John Grier
James McMillan

The Scarboro Heights Record V12 #2