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What happened to the people who were evicted from their small plots of land? Some became farm labourers on the larger consolidated farms. Others became "weavers in the village", that is cottage hand-loom weavers. A significant number went to work in the large power mills in Glasgow, Paisley and other centres. A great many, however, were deprived of gainful employment and suffered into old age. Some did quite well, particularly in the next generation.

In Cumnock Parish, Ayrshire, Lord Dumfries made an effort to set up local industries in which to employ the local people.

My Lord

I was favored with your Lordships Letter a few days since &  should have acknowledged it immediately but was from home when it arrived. It would make me extremely happy was it in my power to assist your Lordship in promoting Trade & Industry in your village of Cumnock, but I'm fearfull there is not a sufficient number of silk weavers to make it answer to open a WareHouse there. If your Lordship comes to Paisley & will do me the Honor of a visit, shall be happy to converse with you farther on this subject. I am much obliged by your Invitation to Dumfries House, which would afford me much pleasure to accept was it in my power.

I am your Lordships most obedient humble servant
Jas Lownds
Paisley, Aug 27th 1784

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #3