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The Two Hundredth Anniversary of Toronto -- And Scarborough!

As 1993 draws to a close, we must ask ourselves whether or not we have suitably and sincerely recognized the achievements and sacrifices of the pioneers who toiled to make Toronto the great city that it is today. -- Did I say "Toronto"? What about the great City of Scarborough? John Simcoe's arrival in 1793 and Toronto's 200th Anniversary in 1993 have been widely promoted through heritage activities right across Metro. But why did we not likewise promote Scarborough's heritage during 1993? A prominent media focus this year on the triumphs of the past may have diverted their attention away from alarming us with their sensational and negative "news reporting".

The obituary of Jeremiah Annis, found in a family scrapbook, is rather significant this year since it seems to reinforce the strong possibility that the Annis family may have settled on the heights of Scarborough near the present Scarborough Golf Club Road as early as 1793. So, indeed, the celebration of Toronto's 200th anniversary this year could have been more forcefully promoted also as Scarborough's 200th anniversary.

Well, at least Scarborough's Scottish community can celebrate some accomplishment respecting this significant milestone in our evolution as a multicultural society. I am certain that, over the past year, other local ethnic communities have also promoted their very important contributions to Scarborough.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V1 #4