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In this era of "high technology", there is a disturbing trend to de-emphasize the arts and humanities in our schools.  Future generations run the risk of having weaker "soft skills" such as interpretation, analysis, synthesis and effective interpersonal communication.  Learning the various arts teaches us alternate ways of viewing the world around us.

I'll be adding more links to articles on the importance of the arts and humanities in society.


Concerts and Drama

As the temperance movement slowly altered the attitudes of the Scottish-Canadian community, so did their amusements depend less and less on alcohol. Entertainment began to take on a more cultured appearance:

Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre will give their second and last Concert in this city this evening in the St. Lawrence Hall... We hope therefore to see the Hall crowded with the admirers of Scottish music. The programme contains a choice selection of Scottish Songs...[i]

The amateur rural performers in the Malvern Drama Club entertained their neighbours in "Mammoth Hall" which was always in demand for banquets, lectures, speeches and curling. Well-known vaudeville acts such as Jimmie Fax even performed in Mammoth Hall -- dining first with Dave Purdie and delighting his little daughter, Jennie, at the table.[ii]

Association with Other Cultural Groups

While Scottish-Canadians had their Presbyterian Churches, their Sons of Scotland Camps, and other Scottish groups, they participated fully in the larger society around them, in both work and play. In April, 1844:

The Members of the St. Andrew's Society, and Scotchmen generally, are requested to assemble at the North American Hotel, Front Street, on Tuesday next, the 23rd instant, (St. George's Day) at One o'clock, for the purpose of joining in Procession with the St. George's Society to celebrate the anniversary of England's Tutelar Saint.[iii]


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The Scarboro Heights Record V13 #9